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ERHS's first Multi-Cultural Fair

Updated: Apr 25

After school last Friday, our school’s Asian American Heritage Club organized our first Multi-Cultural Fair, an event where our school’s cultural clubs were able to promote their organization, play games, and recruit new members. Dance Company, Latin Jazz Band, and Combo Jazz Band were also able to showcase their talents with live music and an exciting performance. The event was a huge success.

All photos taken by Rebekah Grace De Guzman

All of the clubs are meant to provide a safe, welcoming space for those who identify with the cultures the clubs promote, or those who are curious about the club and want to learn more about it. TFC, or The Filipino Club, teaches members how to cook traditional Filipino dishes and partners with Filipino organizations in other colleges, such as USC’s Troy Philippines. Sarah Jane Sarajena, the vice president of TFC, shares that the club was formed to share with the community. “We do a lot of cooking, karaoke, potlucks… we’re just about uniting communities together and educating others about who we are and what we do.”

Gigi Green, historian of our school’s Black Student Union, encourages more black students to join BSU. “There are so many more black students this year,” she informs. “We just want to make it so that there’s more of a community for the black kids at our school, and not just for the kids that want to support.” BSU’s booth asked students trivia questions, providing historical insight into their club.

The Chinese Culture Club, led by Sofia Mah-Candelaria, provides students with a calming and safe environment in room 213. This is a club where students are able to not only learn more about Chinese culture, but do so creatively—the club enjoys arts and crafts. “[Chinese culture] isn’t really known by the students at our school, so we just want students to be more knowledgeable about it.” 

Stella Stevenson, the co-president of JSU, describes Jewish Student Union as a club where “students have a safe and welcoming place and where [students] are educated about Judaism as both a culture and a religion.” The club meets biweekly on Fridays for food and games, and to create a safe and welcoming space that everyone can partake in.

UNIDOS, our school’s Latino and Hispanic Heritage Club, promotes “Latinos embracing their Hispanic heritage and background.” The club welcomes everyone and is led by Ms. Franco.

The Multi-Cultural Fair was organized by the Asian American Heritage Club. Lily Mahmud, one of the co-presidents of AAHC, says that she is “really excited that she was able to make it [the fair] happen.” The Asian American Heritage Club promotes Asian culture at our school and brings the Asian students of our school together. Lily is really excited to plan for next year’s fair and “get more clubs and people involved.”

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