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Bridges is back!

Before school was shut down for COVID, Eagle Rock High offered many different ways to engage with other students and find new things to learn about. Most of those programs have started up again: clubs, sports, and traditions, but one activity that would have stayed in the past if it wasn’t for the hard work of some students and teachers is Bridges. As stated by Mr. Hicks, the sponsor of Bridges, “[It’s] an opportunity for middle schoolers and upperclassmen to come together to play games, have food, have fun, and maybe learn just a little something about college life, school life, and survival skills for junior and senior high.”

The first Bridges meeting was on Thursday, October 6th. Middle schoolers played charades and other games, were taught how to calculate their grade point average, and ate a variety of tasty snacks.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 10th, and all seventh and eighth graders are invited to sign up and join the mentors for this upcoming event.

Check out these photos from our first meeting!

Eighth-grader Tiger meets his high school mentors at the beginning of the afternoon. / Photo credit: Lorielai Coranto

A team of high schoolers and middle schoolers celebrate together after their search for the My Little Pony doll. / Photo credit: Lorelai Coranto

Left: Bridges juniors and seniors pose with the excited eighth-grade mentees. Right: Between the icebreaker and the lesson of the day, Bridges participants figure out grade point averages for college. / Photo credit: Nadine Tang

Left: Mr. Hicks and president Nadine Tang celebrate their Bridges success that afternoon. Right: Eighth graders pause the festivities to gather in the frame. / Photo credit: Nadine Tang

Left: Seventh grade boys with their mentors between activities. Right: Junior and senior coaches get ready for the scavenger hunt. / Photo credit: Nadine Tang

Left: Tons of snacks and tons of fun as mentors and mentees fuel up for the hunt. Right: Mentors and mentees meet for the first time. / Photo credit: Nadine Tang

Left: Having fun, learning tons, and don’t forget the snacks. Right: Fueling up for the big hunt for the My Little Pony dolls at the end of the day. / Photo credit: Nadine Tang

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