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A special look into our spring sports

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

An athletic season has flown by, and another has sprung into action. We’ve celebrated multiple victories, having both our boys’ soccer team and boys’ basketball team win division titles. Now, we look forward to more competition mixed with adrenaline and excitement.

Sadly, this season has been turbulent due to the unpredictable weather which has postponed countless games. Nevertheless, our teams have shown great resilience by adapting to their new schedules and patiently awaiting their time to shine. Here is an inside look at the spring sports currently in action at The Rock.

Please keep in mind that the competition has continued since this article was published, so some aspects may be outdated depending on when you read this. A special thank you to all the team captains, coaches, and players I spoke to regarding their teams!

All images were taken by the Eagle's Scream's amazing photographers, Jasper Mann and Ranya Theba!


Starting strong, our JV baseball team has won the majority of their games. Ayden, a member of the team, said he feels that their offense and defense are pretty strong; although, they could improve their communication. Overall, our JV baseball players are in a space where they can make new friends they wouldn’t have otherwise met.

Like the JV team, our varsity baseball team has had a pretty good season. Despite facing a few tough non-league losses, they’ve improved their game with many members stepping up and working harder. Juniors Devlen and Reilly feel that the team members have a deep connection and hold each other accountable when necessary, helping the competitive atmosphere. In terms of their future, they hope to further develop their skills, win league, and make it far in the playoffs.

Boys’ Tennis

Cyrus, captain of the JV tennis team, says their season has gone pretty well so far. Like in any competition, they’ve had their ups and downs, but their season has been exciting and enjoyable. While they can work on their communication, they all have a strong bond, creating a comfortable environment for everyone. All in all, they hope to grow as individuals and as a team.

This season, the varsity tennis team has done well -- although as team captains Brett, Julian, and Montana agree, things can be better. Their technique is outstanding, although their mentality is what gets them. Though it seems like a strange criticism, they feel they need to be “less nice” and tougher mentally. At the end of the day, the tennis team is a big family that will always have each other’s back. In the competition, they hope to make it far in the playoffs and win a division title.

Track and Field

Coming back from COVID, the track and field team welcomed many new members. So far, they have done very well -- however, they face great anticipation for many important meets and are thereby working tirelessly to blow away the competition. In the past, a great number of their runners have made city finals, so they hope to continue that trend and send as many people there this year as possible. Having strong leadership and drive, they are in good and capable hands.


Having not lost a single league game, our varsity softball team has blown away the competition. Christina, catcher of the team, feels that their defense is their strongest asset. Additionally, everyone on the team has a strong bond, attributing to their teamwork and communication on the team. We all have room for improvement, and this team hopes to further develop their offense so they can perform to their full potential. Later, they hope to be league champions and win a division title.

Team captains of the JV softball team, Ruby and Catalina, know their team has lots of potential. They are currently working on developing each member's skills while also hoping to win as much as possible. At the end of the day, improvement is key. They excel in their communication and have strong bonds. We can tell our JV softball team will accomplish much!


This year, our swim team welcomed many new members, and though the rain unfortunately interfered with many of their activities, they were still able to practice through the harsh weather. Talk about perseverance! Coach Hernandez relayed that he feels the team is turning a new page this year. Having so many new members, they are not focused on winning, but rather prioritizing personal improvement. Many of their swimmers are water polo players, so they’ve been in the pool year-round. We look forward to seeing our swim team in action!

Boys’ Volleyball

Our JV boys’ volleyball team has won many big games this year -- though like any competition, they’ve also lost some. Nevertheless, they always learn from their losses and build on them, improving their skills as a result. Everyone is dedicated to the sport, but they are all great friends who always have each other’s backs. They have fun at every game, while still keeping one goal in mind: being the best in their league and in the city -- and at the rate they’re going, it’s clear those goals can be accomplished!

This year, the varsity volleyball team has beaten many skilled schools in their division, assuring us that they’ve had a great season as of yet. Like a big group of best friends, they all have close bonds, and those connections and chemistry help them excel during games. They also have excellent offense, as they are all strong hitters. This year, they are the northern league champions! Later, team captain Zach says, they hope to “win it all”, referring to both open and state divisions.

Eagle Rock’s sports teams are skilled, strong, and a force to be reckoned with. With the competition heating up and playoffs approaching, they work hard daily to make us proud. We wish our teams the best out there. GO EAGLES!!

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