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Food review #8: the spicy chicken sandwich

All photos by Charles-Henry Lubatti

On Friday a few weeks ago, I noticed that the cafeteria had spicy chicken sandwiches. I hadn’t had them in a while so I decided to take them and then review them. I took bagged milk and the applesauce with the sandwich.

The spicy chicken sandwich had pickles on it which seems to be relatively new. One half of the filet was soggy and the other was a bit crispy which could have been better. There were only two pickles that looked a bit sad but were of a reasonable size so it was okay. The bun was nice and puffy and had a bit of what looked like cornmeal on top to give it texture. When I grabbed it it was very warm and looked overall quite good. The bun was not soggy at all, was nice and fluffy and had a nice flavor and texture. The pickles were  a bit dry and sad and tasted a bit too much like cucumbers but were overall tasty. The chicken itself was crispy, nice and cooked, had a good flavor, and although it is hard to say it is spicy it certainly has more taste than the plain chicken sandwich. Overall, It was very good, the only problem was that few bites had pickles and when you did get a bite with pickles, although it tasted better, the pickle was dry in parts and slimy in others ruining the texture of the bite; I am not sure if the pickles were a good or bad addition but did reduce the overall dryness of bites with pickles.

The applesauce was cold, but could have been a bit more so; it had a nice texture and amount of water– because excess water pools up in the hole left after taking a scoop with your spoon. The applesauce also had the right sweetness to tartness ratio and was delicious.

The milk was in a bag, which people find sacrilegious but it reduces waste so it is in some ways, better. It was nice and cold and tasted just like boxed milk. The only thing is that you must use a straw. To drink from it it is actually easier than the cartons: cover the end of the straw with your thumb and pierce the bag in the middle.

Overall I rate the chicken sandwich a 9/10 although the pickles confused me, the applesauce was an 8/10 since it was a bit too liquidy, and the milk 7/10 since it was slightly sacreligious.

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I love me some sacrilegious milk

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