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Food review #5: the Mexicali salad

Updated: Feb 22

All photos by Charles-Henry Lubatti

At a time before I wrote this, I saw the Mexicali salad and decided to write a food review on it. I had already had it a few times, but when I decided it would be a good idea to write a review on it, I could not find it in the cafeteria. This time, it came with ranch and tortilla chips on the side. I took the salad with chips and ranch and the chocolate milk as I have yet to review it.

I started with the salad. The ranch was alright, nothing special and maybe a bit salty even. I could really taste and feel the beans along with the shredded cheddar. The tomatoes were a nice touch and added a bit of sweetness to the meal along with the corn. The lettuce itself tasted good; fresh, cold, and seemed freshly cut. In fact all the products tasted good and fresh, other than the corn which was probably canned as is normal. Everything was in nice bite-sized pieces and if you mixed it well every bite was a good one. It also seemed to be correctly salted adding to the flavor. As I have had this meal multiple times I can attest to the fact that it is regularly very good. The only problem was the ranch; it really did not add much and masked the salad’s flavor, however if you only add a little bit of the packet it would probably add some flavor and improve the salad. The tortilla chips were crisp and above average although they could have used a little bit of salt and lime juice. The chips are probably quite good crumbled into the salad but I tried them as a scoop to scoop up the salad which was also very good.

Moving on to the chocolate mild. This time, it was in a bag but at least it was the right temperature. It has an aftertaste of chocolate milk but it is way too sweet and I do not recommend it at all. Moreover, it did not go well with this meal and I can’t imagine what meal it does go well with.

Overall, the salad was an amazing 10/10 (do not put in all the ranch) with or without chips, the ranch was an alright 6/10, and the tortilla chips were an outstanding 9.5/10 (however you eat them). The milk was 3/10 since it was way to sweet but did not taste “bad” other than that. Overall It is a 10/10, because I am excluding the chocolate milk since it has no reason to be included in this meal.

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