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ERHS's lunchtime wrestling match

Updated: 3 days ago

Photos by Irene Maddox

A planned fight: dozens of Eagle Rock students surround a wrestling mat in the quad, cheering and wincing. In the middle of the crowd, two students brawl—pulling hair, pushing—and audible smacks are heard when someone hits the mat with force. Wrestling sign-ups are open again, and the wrestling team makes sure everyone is involved—or at least notified. Once a semester, the wrestling team, led by Mr. Lopez, organizes a public wrestling match where students can try to join the team.

On Thursday, April 25th, students were able to get a fresh look at what wrestling has to offer (and wrestling offers a lot). Although the team holds this special and unique event once a semester in the quad during lunch, it’s still exciting to see students experiment with a sport that many haven’t tried before.

Mr. Lopez, ERHS's head wrestling coach.

Mr. Lopez, our school’s head wrestling coach, has been coaching way before his time at ERHS. He’s coached kids of all ages and in different parts of the world, a true advocate for wrestlers everywhere. About a month ago, Mr. Lopez received a call from a Nike production company, asking him about a pre-Olympic commercial. Nike wanted to borrow the wrestling mat, and Mr. Lopez assisted in its production. Not only will the commercial star a student, but it will be authentic to real tournaments.

Look out for the next wrestling circle during lunch, next semester!

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