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A review of Eagle Rock's Mean Girls: The Musical

From the start of the spring semester, Stage Tech and Theatre Company have worked tirelessly to prepare an astounding show. For this year's spring semester play, they had decided to put on Mean Girls. From the extravagant costumes to the brilliant acting, this play was a true masterpiece. Ms. Kissam, the wonderful theatre teacher and director of the Mean Girls show here at Eagle Rock, oversaw the assembly of the musical, but it was mainly created by students. Led by actors Claire Young (Regina George), Lily Goldsmith (Gretchen Wieners), Nadezhda Brennan (Karen Smith), Ivy Klein (Cady Heron), Anabella Caudillo (Damian Hubbard), Isabella Ibarra (Janis Rodriguez), and many more talented actors, each part was played with individual personalities and many many small details that brought the scenes to life. Watching the play, you can even see small scenes happening off to the sides as the main roles have their conversations. The play was entirely choreographed by students and the set design, costuming, sound, and lighting were also managed by students in Stage Crew. When all these small parts came together, it created a wonderful performance that was captivating to the audience, and it was clear that the people on and behind stage had fun too.

All photo credits go to @eaglerockstage Instagram


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