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ERHS has a successful Earth Day Fair

All photos by Edith Croshaw

Last week, on the 25th and 26th of April, our school celebrated our beautiful planet with festivities taking place in the horticulture garden. Students were invited to take part in this event, which is called “The Earth Day Fair”, whether they were selling their own wares or simply browsing. This fair is an annual event, with this being its third year. Booths were set up around the garden and Eagle Rock students sold many crafty and creative things ranging from scented candles to potted tomatoes. For one dollar, you could acquire a ticket which could be used to purchase numerous experiences or trinkets. The profits were all contributions to a fundraiser for horticulture and FFA, and it ended up very successful, with the profits being doubled from that of last year and a large amount of the student body attending. Additionally, Ms. Trujillo, her horticulture students, and FFA, who ran the entire fair, raised plants which they sold during the festival. There were crafts to participate in, adorable chickens and bunnies to pet, and more. This experience was truly magical, just like the planet we live on.

Here are some photos from the fair:

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