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Eagle Rock's rainy day swag

On Tuesday, February 6th, rain continued to pour here at Eagle Rock High School. While many dislike this wet weather, it also provides an excuse for us to break out our elusive rain gear. So, Eagle's Scream photographers Edith Croshaw and Charles-Henry Lubatti went out capturing ERHS students' stylish umbrellas and raincoats.

Remy Eddow and Yasmine Levy
Owen Taylor, 12th grade
Cami Kiggins
Benony Corral and Afreen Majumdar, 8th grade
Mr. Hicks
Nicholas Martinez, 11th grade
Ms. Rincon
Mr. D
Keira Estrella, 8th grade
Irene Maddox, 9th grade
Jose Castaneta and Theodore Korano
Jack Benson, 9th grade
Alice Jumarang, 9th grade

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