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Argylle, a play by play part 2

This is the second part of the series.

Art by Grace Gill

TAKE TWO! LIGHTS! CAMERA! Where am I? Elly wakes up in a cabin with a man named Aiden Wilde, who was previously the weird and unshaven man from the train. He shows her that her house is being raided by the Division's enforcers. She worries about her cat and where he is. The henchmen are at their desks and rummaging through all her belongings. Elly is just worried about the fact that Aiden has been looking at her through them.

Aiden reveals the real reason she is being hunted by the Division is that Elly can tell the future through her writing. Her talent has caught the attention of the Division, who are keen to capture her. However, Aiden is supposedly on her team and wants to bring down the Division. On one of his previous missions, he found a way to take down the division, through a man named Bakunam, a famous hacker who has downloaded all of the Division's secrets onto a drive—the silver bullet. Aiden was supposed to meet him and get the file, but he never showed up. He needs Elly to help him write the next part of what happened.

While driving to their destination, Aiden reveals he hates cats, Elly, a cat person is appalled by this and says she can't trust him anymore. Aiden explains what they need to do to solve what happened, and apparently, they need to go to London. Elly says she can't go to London and it will take so much research to write another chapter. He pulls the car into a small airport and forces Elly onto the plane.

Elly has an unusual fear of flying. Once they sit down, she starts panicking (they haven't even taken off and are in fact, still on the ground) Aiden goes into this motivational speech about how she needs to focus on what she can control and what is right in front of her. He dives into a story where he is climbing a skyscraper and Elly, being the little know-it-all she is, corrects him about the city’s name. 

And take off! Suddenly they are in the air and flying smoothly. The camera suddenly cuts to a shot of them flying over London. They make their way over to the Albert Memorial, where Aiden was supposed to meet Bakuman to receive the silver bullet(please read that in a dramatic tone for the full effect). Elly sits down and takes her computer out, trying to put the pieces together.

The division still hasn't stopped looking for them though, and once they get notified about a sighting of the two they immediately hack into the park's security cameras to watch them. An unsuspecting Elly and Aiden are also being live-streamed by one of her fans. The Division leader, Ritter, tunes into this and uses lip-reading technology to see what she and Aiden are talking about. 

We jump back inside Elly's head with Agent Argyll and Agent Wyatt. They are in London now, and Argylle is going back to the van after not getting the call from Bakunam. He realizes that the phone itself might have been a clue, so he opens it and sees the chip, which is worth thousands of dollars. Wyatt starts reading into it and thinks that it must have a matching satellite dish.

Elly has her eureka moment and blurts the news out to Aidenz she wants to see the phone he was supposed to receive the call from. Aiden doesn't have it, he threw it away. It was a burner and it ran out of juice. Elly says he is the worst spy ever and there must be a way to figure out the matching satellite dish to it then.

Aiden takes her computer, hacks into the satellite database, and finds all the satellite dishes, but Elly spots the one they should worry about on Coburg Street. They rush to the street and find an apartment, but it's empty. Elly is desperate to find a clue and rips off the wallpaper to search for clues, but Aiden thinks it's a waste of time and starts dancing. However when he finishes his little jig with a step and a hop he lands on a hollow floorboard, and they discover a box containing money, a boat key, and Bakunam's notebook with an anarchy symbol on the cover.

The division has already figured out the same thing Aiden and Elly have, so they send their soldiers to go and stop them from discovering anything further. Elly is still loathing in her revelation of finding the place and the clues, but Aiden cuts her happiness short by telling her about the soldiers coming into the apartment complex. Elly immediately panics, but Aiden knows exactly what to do.

The Division's soldiers burst through the elevator and storm into the apartment. They walk through it, checking the two rooms and finally reporting to Ritter that nobody is there and they have already left. MEOWWWW the soldiers look around, confused

Aiden jumps up through the floorboards and starts shooting Then Elly's hallucinations come back, suddenly Aiden is Agent Argyll and is spinning through the air in slow motion like a ballerina and winking at her. He shoots the division's team and scores Elly's heart.

Unfortunately, he turns back into Aiden and tries to fight them off. He gets a hold of one of their guns and shoots at the wall. He tells Elly to watch him. He runs straight at the wall and breaks it down. He tackles the guy on the other side, not noticing he pulls out a flash grenade. He throws it at Elly, and she throws it back.

BOOM!! Aiden is thrown back with the force of the grenade and turns into Argylle. He flies smoothly, throwing the air winking yet again at Elly. He lands in the recliner gracefully. Unfortunately, he turns back to Aiden and he stands up with a tweaked back.

Though they defeated the first batch of bad guys, there is more on the way up. Since Aiden broke the wall to the apartment next door they run to see when the soldiers come up. He explains that after he takes down the guys she has to crush their skulls. He says it's no big deal and not to panic about it. It's like a little dance, just lift your foot, stomp, and twist.

Aiden goes out to fight and Elly goes behind him, as the first one falls she lifts her foot and… doesn't stomp. She keeps telling herself it's not that big of a deal and to just put her foot down. Aiden finishes taking them down and comes over to check on Elly. He scolds her for not stomping and twisting. He then lifts his foot above the guy's head and stomps on it, making a wet crunching sound.

Yet a third troop of bad guys emerges from the elevator, and Elly escapes through the fire exit. Aiden has to run after her so they aren't split up. They end up on the roof with the troop chasing them. Aiden throws a pole at the door so they can't open it. Elly runs to the edge of the room overlooking a boat.

Aiden exclaims that they're supposed to jump off, land on the crash pad, and ride to the boat next to it for freedom. Elly insists she can't jump and that's not even a crash pad. Aiden asks Elly if she trusts her cat, Argylle. Obviously, she says yes. Aiden lifts the cat out of its backpack and drops him over what he says is the crash pad.

DUN DUN DUHHHH…. Just kidding, I'm going to tell you what happens.

It turns out it is a crash pad and Argylle is okay. Next step, Aiden and Elly jump. Elly struggles to get onto the edge and reluctantly falls back onto the pad. Once they land, the cat flies into the air and lands back on Aidens chest. 

They speedily escape on the boat and book it down the London River, leaving the third troop in the dust.

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