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This Month’s Cosmic Reading


Your ruling planet, Mars, is working hard to help you get what you need professionally. A connection between Mars and Neptune promises you'll achieve goals you’re working towards, no matter how big or small. Mars and Pluto connection guarantees that you’ll hold your will during trying times. The universe rewards your efforts this month, and keeping faith in the future will grant you more new opportunities.


Venus in your sign signals a boost for your confidence and self-appearances.Your luck this month will be plentiful, so be grateful for those around you, who may seem lacking in luck themselves. Venus and Uranus will surprise you with financials this month, make room in your life for new chances when money is involved. You have the will to give off an energy of joy and happiness all month.


Your month might be overtaken by a wave of confusion and chaos. Perhaps your home life will be shifting and unstable, it may seem like a stressful situation. But after mental strain this month, you might find yourself becoming a little closer to those who matter most, including your own self. Focus on self improvement and exercising things that make you relaxed or feel more homely. You would find much less anxiety if you make some time to better yourself.


Love is an important life aspect this month. Focus on your relationships and tighten the screws, you may see yourself become more mature in this time. You may even feel closer connections with those you aren’t as familiar with. You’ll be feeling empowered this month and you should take this as a sign of self improvement. A change in your perspectives can also be predicted for this coming month.


Saturn, the planet of discipline, commitment, and structure, can dictate big changes in your relationships with others and yourself. Positive or negative, moving too quickly can definitely cause major impacts in the months to follow, so slow your days down and focus on the present. You might feel stuck in a loop this month, but enrichment seems to be heading your way soon, so keep working hard for it.


This month may be unusually emotional for you, you may be feeling insecure or nervous. Fortunately, through the hardships this month might serve you, you'll gain the clarity you need to make the choices that are best for you.Things won’t seem easy for you this month, but those around you will show their appreciation for you in several ways this month, so remember to reciprocate the affection you recieve.


This month, there are major cosmic shifts in your ruling planets, which may be causing you unnecessary concerns. Saturn shifting could cause the emotional distance you’ve been putting up between you and your loved ones. You’re anxious to be warm to others because you are carrying the fear of denial, but for your relationships to progress, it’s important to go at a pace that’s comfortable for you. This month try and make you take big strides that you might be unsure of, so continue to work on yourself without the pressures of others.


Thanks to Saturn moving into your domestic sector, you may be feeling responsible for things you aren’t required to feel responsible for. It can be stressful for you and you may feel alone in your endeavours, but if you take a step back you will realise that those around you may be feeling similar strifes. You’ll also see yourself becoming closer platonically with those around you, maybe people who you weren’t previously acquainted with.


Mercury may be forcing you to work at a rate you’re concerned about, or take on tasks that seem too big to handle. Don't feel pressured to make decisions, and take your time. Communication will be stressed soon, and paying attention to others' opinions will actually benefit you. Don’t be afraid to be confident this month either, just be open minded and you will see more opportunities opening up for you in the future.


This month, you will shine! Positivity will give you a boost in morale for yourself and those around you. If you keep up your ambition and energy, you’ll be given recognition for your efforts. Mars in conjunction with Jupiter will give you confidence and a boost in spirit. In fact you may even be handed the advantage of an impressive opportunity. If you work well this month, the next few can be a breeze.


This month can be tiring for you, and you may feel stressed. You may also feel like you are finally making connections that have been causing you confusion for a long time. This will be an eye-opening experience that will give you a breath of relief. You’ll find you are very important to many people, and you have a lot of power in your words and actions. You may be taught a lesson this month that you can hold with you for life.


You may discover new aspects of yourself this month that you’re unfamiliar with. You could be overwhelmed socially, but keep yourself open to building stronger bonds. Other people will also find new things about you, just stay confident in yourself despite criticisms. Mars is in your friendship sector and shows that your closeness with your friends can help you through trying times.

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