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Revenge Of: Our local comic store reimagined

All photos by Lauren Acevedo

Passing the entrance to the 2 North and down Eagle Rock Boulevard, a myriad of gray and drab buildings pass by in a blend of indistinguishable storefronts, when abruptly, a bold red-and-black complex at the corner of Avenue 35 catches the curious eye.

This may be familiar for residents of Eagle Rock when passing Revenge Of, the local comic and pinball shop which opened in January of 2022 by store owners and dynamic-trio Jeff Eyser, Joe Myers, and Joe Kuntz. The three friends first decided on its opening after being unable to find a comic book store attuned with their vision of something new and unconventional. Together– combining their individual passions in pinball and set-design with their collective love for comics– the three set out on a passion project to open the colorful and innovative Revenge Of, a comic book store reimagined by its galactical ambiance and energetic community. 

Revenge Of boasts an impressive collection of comics and collectables across the different genres along with what could be considered one of the coolest selections of pinball machines to exist in Los Angeles.  Most recently, in celebration of their two year anniversary in January, the shop hosted a 38-hour event during which they unveiled their newest JAWS themed pinball machine designed by Stern Pinball. After its unveiling, a line-up of upwards of 72 people waited late into the night to participate in an intense 2 A.M. JAWS pinball competition. 

It’s not irregular for the store to be bustling with faces both old and new on nights like these, as Revenge Of has become an epicenter for frequent lively events. Most days of the week, you can find their doors open to pinball tournaments, freeplay nights every Wednesday, and communal games of Magic: The Gathering on Fridays. It’s not difficult to become immersed in the otherworldly atmosphere, displayed by it’s fluorescent purple lighting and sci-fi design reminiscent of the inside of a spaceship: 

In more recent news, Revenge Of hosted the launch party of Moon Man on the 31st of January, the latest project of Grammy-award winning musician Kid Cudi. Lines gathered around the block that Wednesday night as fans waited eagerly to meet him and co-writer Kyle Higgins. The fervent turnout marks events like these an undeniable success, including a panel earlier the same month for the latest Scott Pilgrim Takes Off animated series on Netflix attended by the creator Bryan Lee O’Malley himself and producer BenDavid Grabinsky. You can find more about similar upcoming events here

Like none-other around Eagle Rock, Revenge Of has become a place of true community in the two years since it’s opening. Fronting only a spirit of inclusivity, weekly podcasts on Spotify and livestreams on Twitch grant accessibility for wider audiences to learn more about pop-culture and be included in the often exclusive conversations of comic and sci-fi enthusiasts. 

The doors to Revenge Of always remain open for curious venturers such as myself, who on this particular day-- and to my pleasant surprise-- Jeff Eyser and friends were hosting an Oscar watch-party. Of the casual customers, friendly staff, and those suitably dressed in Oscar-worthy attire for the occasion, not one person met me with a hostile gaze despite me stunting a camera in front of serious pinball players tensely anticipating the ball’s next move: 

The awards-show was streaming at all corners of the furthest room… 

…and at the bar, food and refreshments were provided by fancily-dressed staff, also referred to as the “agents” of the store, including owner Jeff Eyser who, upon being approached, happily agreed to a portrait:

As a first-timer, I found myself reluctant to walk away from the vibrant people and environment at Revenge Of: it’s a place to find your niche, explore the expansive world of pop-culture, and game in community. The ambiguous storefront, with it’s bold-red letters and hypnotic swirls, is one that is unassuming from a distance, but the next time you find yourself driving down Eagle Rock Boulevard, I highly encourage you-- it might just be worth it to hit the brakes and check it out for yourself. 

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