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Things written in the girl's bathroom

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

You know in movies how there’s always quirky and funny things written in the girls bathroom, like in “Super Bad” or “Booksmart”? We have a little bit of that at our own high school.

In no way is the ER Scream publication encouraging such vandalism, but the following pictures include whimsical, funny, and somewhat controversial things written in the Eagle Rock High School girls’ bathrooms that we agree should be shared. We don’t know the exact intent of the things written, but will do our best to come up with a reasonable explanation for them. So without further ado, let's see what's written in the infamous girls’ bathrooms. Admin, I promise we are not encouraging vandalism, just laughing at it.

This first one just makes you smile, this person took time out of their day to write that they love you, not knowing who you are. To the person who wrote this, we love you too <3.

This one is demonstrating the power of community and communication. One person wrote that “Pads should be free”, and another person saw this and probably thought, “Hey, some people have a preference for which product they use.” This other person elected to include tampons. We totally support the fight for access to free feminine hygiene products at school.

This isn’t vandalism, but we thought it should be included anyway. This person took justice into their own hands and brought pads to school, giving the people in the bathroom what they want, what they need: free pads! Now all we have to do is get tampons in the mix.

And in green paint too, wow. We all have our bad days, but to the person who wrote this: sending the best and a therapist’s number.

This person decided to hit us with the hard truth and make us depressed by thinking about the lack of success we have and how fake we still feel. It’s giving very much Jeff Bezos.