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The stress of homework management

Poll by Shiogo Allen, Thumbnail photo by Annie Splatt via Unsplash

Months into school, most people have hopefully learned to manage their homework schedule. Even with sports, music practice, and other out of school activities, school work should be manageable. But do these homework managing strategies actually work, or do most students stay up past midnight each evening pouring over homework?

Each day, people spend hours on homework, working hard. Yet they often fail to finish their work before midnight, or their “bedtime”. When this happens, it does not necessarily mean that these people don’t have a schedule. They just have much more homework, and if they had no sort of schedule, they would stay up much later, even pulling all-nighters. But on average, how much homework do most people get, and are they actually capable of managing it? 21 students were surveyed to answer questions about homework management.

Most of the students had lots of homework that caused stress. 19 of the surveyed people had some sort of a schedule, and all of these schedules worked in eliminating or reducing stress from homework. This just continues to show how people can have very helpful and working schedules if they really use it. A lot of these management plans work, but what are these strategies? Most of the ideas revolved around either starting on homework immediately after school, or having a set time and date to do homework. These seem to be good strategies that help many people with homework, though it of course depends on the amount of work received. While a couple people had barely any schedule, just doing homework when it is due or at any point during the weekend, these are still better than doing nothing and changing what you do every week.

A lot of students also have sports, music practice, or any other sort of activity, in or out of school. These things can take up a lot of time, with sports competitions, music recitals, and just doing any other thing in which that time could be used for homework. Lots of people also tend to want time to spend with friends, and this also takes up a lot of their time. With all of these things in mind, how many people have these extracurricular activities, and how many people are capable of managing them with their regular school schedule? Out of the surveyed students, 13 or 62% of them had activities other than school. Out of these students, all but two of them had a schedule to manage their homework. Is this related to extracurricular activities, or is it just better management skills? Of the surveyed, with extracurricular activities, most had their schedules impacted slightly by this. They had to adjust their schedule to all of their activities, but they could still manage most things. Based on this, it appears that other activities don’t really impact homework and a school schedule if you just adjust your schedule.

Most people have a lot of homework, and many have activities other than school. While these things alone and combined can cause a lot of stress, a well managed schedule can make things a lot easier, preventing the complete lack of sleep, and overdue homework.

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