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The Eagle's Scream Quarantine: Week 3

Updated: May 22, 2020

Elementary reunions, self-care, and Tiger King. Enjoy the third round of journal entries from our very own staff, giving a closer look into the life of a self-isolated teenager.

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My time at ERHS was something I’ve never really experienced mostly because before 7th grade, I normally never stayed in any school for more than 4 years. Having gone to 3 schools before then, I was used to friendships not lasting a long time. I established some pretty intense ride-or-dies in my elementary schools and when I left a school I was pretty much convinced I’d never see them again. So, having a Glendale Adventist Elementary zoom call reunion is something I’d never thought would be happening. (Also most of these people I also never discovered on Instagram, I was seeing them for the first time since 3rd grade). All praise

I realized a lot of bullying happened back then that I never noticed. Or maybe I should say repressed. My mom explained that I came home crying on multiple occasions because my friend kept on slamming my face against a fence. Yet, my memory’s blank. So yeah my brain got right to repress that. In addition, my best elementary friend Suki (Who put together this iconic zoom call) apparently was pretty much either ignored or made fun of by a certain group of girls while simultaneously being accused by Valerie that SHE was a bully to her throughout Kindergarten and 1st grade. Yet, my memory’s blank. I seemed to only remember the happy memories like the reenactment slide and field trips and nap time. God, please bring back nap time.

The weirdest part, however, was probably taking heat from my kindergarten girlfriend about having had crushes during our committed relationship. The worst part was my crush was actually her bully. But she had the audacity to throw shade at me when IT TURNS OUT that SHE had a crush on Andrew (the guy that slammed my face against a fence). So we’re pretty much even. I have to recover however from the discovery of all this Kindergarten tea.

For a time of social isolation, I made some of the weirdest connections and gone through nostalgia frenzies I was not expecting. We’re only in quarantine once, so it’s the best time to rekindle old relationships to remind us that we’re not alone. Or if that doesn’t work, there’s always Yubo, which is basically friend Tinder for bored teens, right?

Anyways tune in next time to when I work 2 hours in the midst of the most dangerous essential workplace right now, Jamba Juice.

(Avatar the Last Airbender, was AMAZING btw. Still think Zutara should’ve happened tho)


Life is starting to feel normal again, or as normal as it can possibly be under the circumstances. Quarantine is starting to feel like summer break if summer break had a lot of work and was also just really bad. Now that it’s spring break I look forward to an even more mind-numbing week than usual, but I’m going to try to bake with the ingredients I have and see how that goes. (My master baking strat is to just guess with all the proportions.)

It’s been raining, and it’s surprisingly comfortin