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Teacher profile: Mr. Quintanilla

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Photo by Metzli Esparza

Mr. Quintanilla is a fresh face to ERHS, a change in the sea of people that make up this school. Located in room SA, he has started his career at Eagle Rock teaching math. Before ERHS, Mr. Quintanilla taught at several schools, including Augustus Hawkins High School for almost 12 years & at Manual Arts High School for over 18, totaling about 30 years of work experience. Mr. Quintanilla also taught for three summers here at Eagle Rock before transitioning to a more permanent job. As you might hope, teaching is an enjoyable job for Mr. Quintanilla, and he says “I just enjoy the interaction with young people all the time. I mean that I enjoy the classroom.” Still, his job does have some downsides, specifically doing paperwork, which is by far (and with good cause), his least favorite part of being a teacher.

Outside of his new job at ERHS, Mr. Quintanilla’s biggest source of entertainment is sports, especially soccer, and specifically cheers for Argentina, specifically the team Boca Juniors. Both playing soccer and running are also pastimes of his, and he has previously taught as a boys soccer coach in the greater Los Angeles area.

So far this year, Mr. Quintanila has been trying to feel very welcome and comfortable in his new position and has been having a good experience thus far. Having been lucky enough to enjoy his career as a teacher, he has learned a lot from everything that has taken place so far and has already begun to le

arn more from his time here at Eagle Rock, making it a new challenge, a new learning experience for him in his long career as a teacher. Overall, Mr. Quintanilla is an amazing addition to the Eagle Rock High School community, offering so much to our school, especially great enthusiasm and attitude for whatever his future holds, even making sure to comb his hair before being interviewed. And who knows, he might even be your math teacher one of these days!

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