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Teacher profile: Mr. Carrano

Image by Claire Duarte

As one of the two AP World History teachers on campus, Mr. Carrano, located in B24, teaches history, as well as college and career. He has plenty of experience, having taught for approximately 18 years, including subbing. Before Eagle Rock, he taught in several places, including Markham, Nimitz, and Hollenbeck Middle School. 

Despite his nearly two decades of teaching experience, Mr. Carrano wasn’t always a teacher.  Originally, he came to California to be an actor, but after joining a nearby Christian assembly, he felt that the entertainment industry wasn’t the one for him. After this, Mr. Carrano briefly went into sales; however, because of his position as mentor to a youth group and the fact that many of his friends were teachers, he began subbing, which led him to Eagle Rock.

As a teacher, Mr. Carrano feels inspired by the impact he might have on his students and through them, the future. “It makes my job that much more [rewarding] because I see that it has [an] effect on where they potentially go…It’s like you’re collectively helping each other… Like, wow, I played a part.”

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Carrano is highly connected to the school community. He is sponsor for both the Robotics club and Jewish Student Union, member of several committees, such as the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) committee, and actively involved in campus maintenance and beautification. 

While not at work, Mr. Carrano enjoys spending his time out and about. He gravitates to the coast, but enjoys anywhere with sun. On weekends he might rent a car and drive somewhere like Palm Springs or San Diego. In the future, he wants to spend even more time traveling the country and world. Some destinations he has in mind are Florida, Israel, and South America. In terms of more simple, close-to-home activities, Mr. Carrano enjoys reading a good book and being involved with his church. 

With a passion for teaching, and a strong belief in community involvement, Mr. Carrano is a great mentor who will surely aid you in your tenth-grade endeavors.

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