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Questbridge scholar, Geena San Diego, to follow their dreams at Dartmouth

Updated: Mar 15

All photos by Claire Duarte

Dartmouth College is one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools; recently one of the seniors of ERHS got accepted. The senior who got into this prestigious school happens to be one of our journalism heads, Geena San Diego! Not only did they get accepted, but they also got offered a scholarship through Questbridge’s National College Match that gave them a full ride to Dartmouth. 

Questbridge is a national nonprofit that aims to connect low-income students to college access and opportunities. They offer two scholarships: “College Prep Scholars” for Juniors, and the “National College Match” for seniors.

Geena first learned about Questbridge from the college counselor, Ms. Marquez, when they posted a link to the scholarship and a junior program called the “College Prep Scholars” program. Hoping to get a scholarship, Geena applied and got in. The scholarship application process was difficult, especially for a junior who didn’t know anything, but the grueling application process was worth it.

Getting into Dartmouth was a dream come true for Geena. The day before the decision came out saying whether they got in or not, Geena had a ritual that would help them get in. They put on all of their Dartmouth gear, they repeated that they would get the scholarship in a group chat with their friends.

Results came out during lunch, however, they were extremely nervous and couldn’t even open it immediately. When they finally opened it all they saw was confetti and they started screaming in shock and joy. Dartmouth was their number 1 college and they couldn’t even process that they got in for the whole day. Geena’s advice for people trying to get the scholarship is not to compare yourself to others, have lots of extracurriculars, and take AP classes, but the most important thing is to have a good story. This scholarship is unique in that it cares about your story and what makes you, you. 

One thing that Geena will miss most about Eagle Rock is the sense of routine. When you go to college everything is new and you have to find a new normal which can be hard. You have to make new friends and just figure everything out. Geena has been at Eagle Rock High School for six years and they have been here for a long time so they know what life is like here. However, now that they are going to New Hampshire which is where Dartmouth is located it is going to take a while to get used to knowing how things work over there. 

At Dartmouth, Geena is going to go undeclared because everyone starts undeclared at the school. They are interested in earth science and neuroscience as majors. They are looking forward to being challenged academically at Dartmouth and how Dartmouth is involved with the nature around it. Dartmouth is kind of in the middle of nowhere and has a lot of nature. It will push them academically and test their ability to cope with a major change.

Geena San Diego's journey to getting accepted into Dartmouth University and earning a Questbridge scholarship is a testament to the value of hard work and perseverance. Their experience inspires other students who dream of attending a prestigious university and receiving a scholarship. Geena's advice to focus on developing a unique story and not comparing oneself to others is a valuable lesson for all aspiring college students. We wish Geena all the best as they embark on their new journey at Dartmouth and look forward to seeing their future successes.

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