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The eccentric earrings of Eagle Rock students

Image by Nyda Hosack

Geena San Diego 

My earrings were a passage to exploring my identity. They helped me explore who I was and become not exactly feminine nor masculine. They basically helped me express who I really was.

Image by Sophia Thompson

Sophia Thompson

I always choose the pair of earrings that go well with my outfit so this just happened to be the ones I chose today.

Image by Edith Croshaw

Genavieve Burgoyne

I love these earrings because they are crystals, and I love crystals!

Image by Edith Croshaw

Nora Maroun

My grandma gave me these earrings. I like them because they are unique. I’ve never seen someone with the same ones.

Image by Edith Croshaw

Andi A.

I got these from hot topic. I saw that they were race cars, which are my favorite, and knew I had to buy them.

Image by Edith Croshaw

Ducky Ponce

Well sharks and dinosaurs are two of the coolest creatures ever! I have no clue where I got them from, but DINOS!

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