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Humans of Eagle Rock

Updated: Apr 30

Meet the students of Eagle Rock! All photos by Nyda Hosack.

Trey and Denise - Grade 12

Which song wraps up your relationship?

Summer by Brock Hampton, just because the song reminds me of her.

Pierro Mesones - Grade 7

What is the last meal you would eat on Earth?

I would say Salmon and Mashed Potatoes because it’s the first thing I could think of.

Bella Clark and Sascha Camacho - Grade 11

Which song would you play at your funeral?

I would play Frankenstein by BabyTron because it’s a fun song.

Christiara Chinea - Grade 9

What would you do if money was not an object?

Live as a librarian and have a bunch of cats.

Isabella Martinez - Grade 9

What song describes your life?

Ivy by Frank Ocean because I’ve been in a lot of situations that relate to the song and the lyrics.

Vance Grimes - Grade 10

Who would you like to switch lives with?

Lucia because she’s awesome and amazing and rich.

Malcolm Wade - Grade 11

What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth?

She grinds them and slow roasts them with garlic and mushrooms and soup.

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