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Staff profile: Mr. Wong

All photos by Claire Duarte

He only joined our flock last year but it feels like he's been here for years. Mr. Wong is our bubbly middle school counselor and SRLA coach. Many students know him as their former 3rd or 4th-grade teacher, moving just down the street from the Rockets of Rockdale to the Eagles of ERHS. After our beloved Ms. Cannata retired last year, there was no longer an 8th-grade counselor. Luckily, Mr. Wong was able to clone himself and become both the 7th and 8th-grade counselor.

In the past, Wong has worked with most grades and even toddlers but still aspired to work as a high school counselor. Long before he was an Eagle, he was a Rocket. During his last year at Rockdale, he decided he still wanted to work and support students, just in a different way and eventually went back to school to get a master's in counseling. “It was very hard since it was during the first year COVID hit, and I almost quit out of too much stress and having a full-time teaching job on top of it.”

His role in SRLA has been very important, ranging from running with the kids to making sure everyone does their sign-in and sign-out and not losing any wandering runners. He joined Students Run LA as he had already been in the marathon scene since 2016. Running over 10 marathons in his career and participating in numerous half marathons, we can confirm he’s immersed in running culture to the max. 

Mr. Wong also happens to be a foodie, with a knack for burritos. He accentuated the importance of finding good burrito spots wherever he went and told me about all the good burrito restaurants (as well as to never get a carne asada burrito from a fish taco stand). To combat that, he has recently found his new burrito hot spot. “My favorite spot is the little stand in front of the Target on Eagle Rock Blvd, they just make them like no other.”

We all hate posers, but Wong has a good reason for his posing crimes. Ironically, he bought a small eagle helmet, thinking it was our school's product. Unfortunately, I had to break the news to him, as its true identity was for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, Elson Wong will be posing as our middle school counselor for the rest of eternity.

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the place in front of target is called angels tacos if you were wondering

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