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Poetry with a purpose: State of Mind

Updated: Jan 22

Art by Ket Gill

There is a certain state of mind needed to get through this 

A state of mind I cannot achieve 

I work day and night to maintain this status 

this status of glory 

there is a little more needed 

kids my age are no longer kids 

Instead, we are adults stuck in children's bodies 

I must work endlessly hard to make you proud 

I am afraid I have lost myself 

Lost in the void that is trying to be the best student possible 

I must work harder than anyone else

I must lose all sense of direction if it does not better my education 

I lost my childhood at a young age

I really did not have much choice 

I am to work and work and work until I make you proud 

Until my hands ache from writing and my eyes hurt from reading 

There is no stopping 

Take as many classes as you can so you look successful 

How much is too much 

How much pressure is too much for a kid my age 

How much work will I need to do to make you proud 

At a point in time, I must stop 

I need to look at myself and understand 

Understand that there is no success if I no longer put my best self forward 

I will take a step back

Resign from being the hard worker you know 

I will stop looking for that certain state of mind 

And understand my state of mind 

Here's to allowing kids to be kids 

Here's to acting my age and being in my own body

Here's to working on my own state of mind

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