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Pancakes in the distance

Look! Pancakes in the distance!

No, really. Pancakes permeate the world around us: on the horizon, up in a tree, directly beneath your shoes. Pancakes wherever you like, wherever you look, all the time.

That puddle that turns all glint and rainbow at just the right angle? Pancake.

That puppy you periodically pass in the park? Pancake.

Those clouds that look like a submarine or a sandwich, an airplane or an albatross? Pancakes, all.

I can’t take credit for all these pancakes. My AP Psychology teacher used the phrase as a mnemonic to remind us that our eyeballs’ lenses flatten when we look farther away. So I guess, the pancakes truly do abide in the eyes of the beholders.

One person’s rainy day is another person’s pancake.

One person’s flock of geese (or traffic cones)… You get the idea.

But the true wonder of these worldly pancakes lies in their magnificent mundanity. Simple splendors abound in multitudes.