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My Fair Lady, the fairest show

Photo Credit: Victor Pack

About two months ago, I made the trip to the Dolby Theatre to watch the musical “My Fair Lady.” This had been my second trip to see a famous show in the past few months, my first being “Hamilton” at the Pantages. I reviewed that show so you should check it out! Back to My Fair Lady. I can speak for my whole family when I say, we really enjoyed the show.

Now, I’d just like to say, the Dolby Theatre is beautiful! It’s pretty big, having multiple stories. Of course, we bought some overpriced snacks to eat while we watched the show. And again, I took illegal photos. Let’s hope the FBI doesn’t read my articles...

The show was centered around a common flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, who wants to become a fancy lady. Fancy enough to be comparable to a duchess. While selling flowers, she meets a teacher of phonetics, professor Henry Higgins. Now, she wants to take lessons from him and learn to speak in a more eloquent way, but he is very stubborn and reluctant to teach Eliza. However, a colonel, who wrote a book Professor Higgins enjoyed, made a bet with him. If he could make Eliza a “lady”, presentable enough to take to the embassy ball, he would be happy.

The backset of the show takes place in London in the early 1900s. I think that they did an amazing job showcasing the setting. To show the professor’s house, there was one big moveable set that shows the professor’s office, front door, front entrance, and a spare room that was used for different things like a bathroom, and even a small living area. It was very creative and the set was very realistic! I also liked the set used for Henry’s mother’s house. There was a curtain-like backset that had painted plants and some plastic windows.

Photo Credit: Victor Pack

I also loved the wardrobe. It definitely fits the time period. My favorite piece was Eliza’s dress for the embassy ball. It was an elegant, white dress with many jewels. She had a headpiece and a beautiful necklace that covered her whole neck. She then had a red cape, which I honestly think was unnecessary, but still nice. Finally, during a horse race scene where Eliza shows off her good English, the people at the race were all dressed in elegant, black and white clothes.

Speaking of the race scene, it was one of my favorite parts. Rich and conceited old people singing in a funny accent. Honestly, I found that part very funny! When Eliza told the stories about her family, she cracked up half the audience. Not only that, but her crude language at the end during the actual race was laughable.

Photo Credit: Victor Pack

Now, if you ask your Amazon Alexa asking what My Fair Lady is about, she’ll say the show is about phonetics. However, by watching the show, you will find that the overlying theme is the way you treat people matters! Professor Higgins mentioned he treated everyone like a “common flower girl.” However, you can see the contrast with Colonel Pickering who treats everyone like a duke or duchess. The bad treatment from the professor ultimately leads to a bittersweet ending, which I won’t reveal.

Photo Credit: Victor Pack

The show was overall great. I love it and I had an amazing time watching the show. Sadly it is no longer playing at the Dolby Theatre. However, you can still watch the movie, My Fair Lady, with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. The movie is available on Netflix. I hope this review interests you in this show! Now, get your popcorn, and enjoy!

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