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Humans: Valentine's Day edition

Updated: Mar 1

Meet the students of Eagle Rock High School! All photos by Nyda Hosack.

If you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?

I would marry Queen Elizabeth. She’s the queen of England and she’s just cool. I would probably get a lot of money out of it. And it would be the 90-year-old version of her too.

Catherine Harrington and Zoe Chacon, 7th Grade

What’s your favorite love song?

That one song by Etta James. It’s about this girl who’s with this guy, but the guy’s with another woman so the first girl gets all angsty. It’s called “I'd Rather Go Blind.”

Maybe Stargirl interlude, if that can be considered a love song.

Nyda Hosack, 9th Grade

Best pickup line?

Feel my sweater. Do you know what material it is? Boyfriend material. 

Payton Kachanon, 11th Grade

What is the worst way to reject someone?

When I was in middle school, I liked a boy who I thought liked me back. It turns out he was just pretending to like me so I didn’t feel bad, but I just felt completely led on. That’s probably the worst way. 

Alex Keagle, 11th Grade

What celebrity couple would you want to adopt you?

Taylor and Travis because Taylor is mother and of course the money. 

Charles-Henry Lubatti, 9th grade

What is your dream date? 

I would bring my date on a picnic at the Griffith Observatory.

Zundel Kotch, 7th Grade

What’s your least favorite type of Valentine's Day chocolate?

That super-sweet white chocolate. if someone gave me white chocolate I would probably just dump them. I don’t need white chocolate lovers in my life. 

Lucky Gueverra, 9th Grade

What’s your love language?

Probably words of affirmation. I feel like they’re always true and genuine. I always mean what I say so I trust that other people mean it too. I especially love the words “thank you,” it just always feels good to hear. 

Rebecca Castro and Lisa Truang, 12th Grade

What’s your favorite romance movie?

I gotta go with the original animated ones like Lady And The Tramp because it's like a classic and simple romance film. I love the “will they won’t they” aspect, and I love that they’re both dogs, it’s just a great classic movie that I love.

WALL -E because it’s silly. 

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