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Humans of Eagle Rock

Mirasol Martinez, 11th

What would you do if you found a squirrel in your backpack?

“If a squirrel came out of my backpack, I’d see the squirrel, and I’d be really scared, like who put the squirrel in my backpack? And it would probably leave the backpack. But I think it’d be really weird.”

Micah Rick, Esa Gerardo, 12th

What's your least favorite thing about candles?

“My least favorite thing about candles is like the little bit of wax that melts on the side. It just drips on the side -- like, why doesn’t it just melt all the way down?” Micah

What would you change our school colors to?

“If I could change our school colors, I’d like purple and silver.” Esa

Joseph Seong, 12th

Do you think we would get along with aliens?

“I feel that they’re more curious than harmful. I’m not saying all aliens would be nice but I feel like they’d want to understand us more than anything.”

Miles Maratea, 7th (cap)

If you woke up in another person's body, who would you want it to be?

“If I woke up in a different body I would want to be Shaquille O'Neal because I want to know what it feels like to be very tall.”

Van Wiks, 7th

What impact do you want to leave on the world?

“I would want to impact the world by playing a sport. I would earn more money and then donate to charity.”

Elston Jacobs, 11th

What do you need to hear right now?

“I want someone to come from the future, like 50 years from now, and tell me I’m doing well.”

Rafael Morales, 12th

If you created one universal rule for everyone, what would it be?

“My one universal rule for everyone, would be to have really good hygiene or not dry lips. Like have you ever seen someone with crusty lips and you’re like 'Dang I wonder who kisses that person?' Have you ever walked past someone and you want them to put on deodorant and spread it across their entire body? Some people just stink, dude.”

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