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Halloween costume contest of 2023!

All photos by Charles-Henry Lubatti

The Halloween Costume Contest took place at the quad today, where dozens of eager students dressed up in several different kinds of costumes, awaiting to be judged. Seven teachers (Mr. Oliveros, Ms. Youngblood-Jarman, Ms. Villegas, Mrs. Maddox, Ms. Munoz, Ms. Stough, and Ms. Lee) judged the costumes based on different categories: scariest costume, best group costume, funniest costume, best duo, and most creative.

Mrs. Maddox says that she really enjoyed “seeing all of these kids come together,” in the group costume category specifically. She adds, “the costumes were all so creative,” and “there was clearly a lot of commitment, time, and effort put into them.”

And there definitely was. Kids who didn’t even participate in the costume contest proudly sported unique, funny, and innovative outfits of their own. Owen Taylor, who dressed as a hippie, used what he had and came up with a totally original costume really quickly. “I already had the hair,” he remarks. “I thought of it a couple days ago, actually.”

Sophie Seifert, one of the winners of the best group costume, dressed as Luigi and said that she “had a great time.” She “didn’t enter the contest because [she] wanted to win. [She] just entered because it sounded like a fun thing to do with [her] friends.”

The Costume Contest of 2023 was one of the most creative, clever, and imaginative events our school has had so far and leaves people looking forward to the future: next year’s costumes!

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