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Grey Wings wins hoops tournament

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

In an exhilarating two days of basketball March madness, the Grey Wings team took the honors and won our first annual middle school house basketball championship.

All photos by Si Taylor

The Wings narrowly defeated a stacked 2nd place Green Talon team, but with a combination of rebounding, great passing, and dagger-like three-point shots, the Grey Wings were able to take the victory. Eagle eyes took third place with a solid win over Raptor house who came in fourth.

Overall, the two days of competition were a huge success with lots of fiery athleticism and amazing sportsmanship. Many fans were in attendance, cheering on their squads, adding to an air of excitement and good-hearted wildness.

Coming up soon will be a girls' basketball tournament, and a volleyball tournament where anyone can compete.

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