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Joining the Eagle’s Scream this year, Si Taylor (he/him), is a 9th grader who's been at Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High since 7th grade and attended Dahlia Heights during his elementary years. He has had a dog named Ziggy since he was 4. He was drawn to Disney and Cartoon Network as a kid, watching shows like Phineas and Ferb and Steven Universe. Now he’s one to play video games rather than watch TV.

In particular, he loves shooting games and most things Mario. As any normal kid might, he also enjoys Pokémon! His favorite being Gabite “ ‘cause middle children are underrated”. His music taste is quite broad, but one of his favorites has to be Elton John. His #1 actor is Zendaya (valid) but he isn’t much of a TV show person. He thinks “deez nuts” jokes are better than “that’s what she said” jokes and involuntarily says “slay” often.

Si is thinking about taking a gap year to travel, then going to a college out of state and pursuing a career in entertainment i.e. directing or editing. Advice he would give to himself in the past would be to make a habit of putting stuff in a planner. Also, get a job. He needs money.

Bio by Anabella Caudillo

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