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Food review #9: Cheesy garlic bread

All photos by Charles-Henry Lubatti

We all know that the cafeteria is plagued with huge, seemingly never-ending lines. Sometimes though, you can find shorter lines with more limited food choices. This time, I was lucky to find food left: the cheesy garlic bread. I also took plain bagged milk, along with the Café LA Salad. The garlic bread was warm and the cheese was soft but it was a bit plasticky. It didn’t really taste like garlic but had an inexplicable and hard-to-identify flavor. It tasted mostly of cheese but was hard to taste the bread because it was quite soggy. Although I am being harsh, it was alright and certainly worth avoiding the longer lines for, or getting when there’s no other option.

Of course, everyone has seen the bagged milk lately, but that was the only option available for that line. As usual, it tasted good and didn’t have frozen chunks so I don’t have much to say about it.

I’ve never had the Café LA Salad before, which is a side, and I was excited to try it. Although I was disappointed by how basic it was, it was still good and certainly not offensive. It had a few tasty cucumbers, but the tough skin still on them was a bit unpleasant. It also had shredded carrot and red cabbage which, while seemingly added little, did improve the lettuce significantly. The salad overall should have been good, but the problem was that no dressing came with it– I don’t think there was any at all– and that is what hampered my opinion of it.

Overall, the Cheesy Garlic Bread was a 5/10. It is worth skipping a big line for, or when there is nothing better, but it was really greasy. The milk was an 8/10 albeit sacrilegious (unless you’re Canadian). The salad was a 6.5/10 but could have been much better with dressing. Overall, I would rate this meal a 6/10 but with many places where it could easily improve.

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