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Feelings in lines

Just some random little notes and stories on different emotions, like nostalgia, understanding, gratitude, love, and compassion.

french vanilla apple pie à la mode

a scoop of

chilly heaven

basked on top of a

loving slice of


a waltz of

milky sugars and apple syrup

entertains my taste buds.

a single

unforgettable show!

with no encore.


a shattered plate

of nostalgia,

a memory once lived.

what is it?

it’s kinda like

when the clouds pack up after a show

and there are crystal glints

all across the greenest grass and vast

as the sun smiles to its children

it’s kinda like


the luckiest man alive

who knew nothing

of his own luck,

became nothing!

Art by Emmarose Ramirez

little marble souls

my mother’s eyes are stones.

solid, strong, and solemn

unwavering, yet


from astigmatism.

my father's eyes are a melting ice cream scoop.

relaxed and exhausted

sinking into the bed of a cone

sweet and soft

and sad.

can you guess what mine are?

others are

rare sun crystals,

like a blue topaz,

a sapphire, emeralds, or jade.

mother nature’s offspring,

and they look like chestnuts, hazelnuts, or honey,

and dark pine tree bark.

precious little marble souls.

they share secrets, they speak the loudest.

louder than that

half-hearted smile

that lasts a couple of seconds.

louder than an

exhausted man’s crooked posture

that lasts until the next morning.



or teary-eyed.

droopy, snooping, or squinting.

looking up, looking down,

to the side, or rolled around.

i don’t like sunglasses.

i love you so much

i know you to hold your cards to your chest

lurking in the pits of your irises, angels hide

over eyebags that beg for heavy rest

veneered with a thin grin, whimpering teeth tied

emotions lodged in the back of your throat

years of noise and noise and noise

of either abuse or ripped paper boats

under trembling blankets with broken toys,

sing me your song, i'll patch up your sail!

out of the cage, the bird is flightless, unfree

mend your wings i will—tell me your tale!

untouched no more, please open up to me

come, sit down, and let your heart glisten

here, i'll stay forever and i promise to listen.

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