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Eagle Rock's spring concert

On May 30th, the band program put on their yearly spring concert. The students in band have been practicing all semester, working tirelessly to perfect their parts and put together an amazing show. It’s clear that their commitment paid off; the spring concert was a huge success! 

Unlike other school concerts, the spring concert focused on all the graduating seniors. Most of the band seniors participated in this program for the duration of their high school years, forming a strong bond with the music, each other, and the teacher, Ms. Silverman. The concert was a bittersweet experience for many; a celebration of all they had accomplished, but it was also the last concert the seniors would perform at Eagle Rock High School. However, no one let their emotions get the best of them, and every band member played amazingly.

The program started with our intermediate band (as the beginning band has a separate concert reserved for them.) Two students, Sasha Bercovici, and Julia Fogel, had the opportunity to take the stage and conduct intermediate band for a piece each. This allowed them to gain experience while showcasing their commitment to the band program. Next, Jazz Ensemble took the stage, the first of three jazz bands here at Eagle Rock. They were followed by Concert Band and Latin Jazz, who both performed stunningly, highlighting the hard work every band member contributed to this program.

Noteworthy kicked off the second half of the concert. Noteworthy is a vocal choir sponsored by Mr. Oliveros, and they sang two songs with breathtaking vocals and beautiful harmony. Herbie Hancock Jazz Combo played the last jazz songs of the night, leaving only the Symphonic Band to perform. Symphonic Band is the highest band that Eagle Rock High School has to offer; it’s made up of students who’ve been practicing their instrument for years and can play with a skill unmatched by others. After playing one song, Ms. Silverman took a moment to present senior awards. The nationally recognized John Philip Sousa Award is given to a student with superior musicianship and outstanding dedication, and this year it was given to Geena San Diego. The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, which recognizes outstanding jazz musicians, was conferred to Brian Hernandez. Finally, the Director’s Award (which was a new addition this year) was given to Willow Prediletto and Julia Fogel. That award was given to seniors who have made instrumental contributions to the band program beyond the music.

The Spring Concert was a way to honor the hard work that band students have put in this semester, but for seniors, it means so much more. It was the last concert that they participated in, meaning that it honored all the hard work they have put in for years. The 2024 show was a huge success, and although the seniors will be missed dearly, next year’s show is sure to be just as exemplary. 

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