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Dance Company's Spring Showcase

All photos taken by Edith Croshaw

Passion. Energy. Emotion. Those are three words to describe the spring dance showcase. All the dance classes from beginner to dance company worked tirelessly throughout the year to choreograph astounding performances, and it showed. Each student, whether they were doing a solo or group dance, displayed incredible talent. Contemporary, ballet, and more, each dance was different and unique in its own way. You could tell the crowd loved it as well, since there was deafening applause and cheers after every performance. To add to the excitement flowing through the air, the lighting flashed brilliant colors to reflect the emotions being portrayed through dance. The most emotional part of the performance was the bittersweet ending, as this was the last performance the seniors would be doing. The dance company, in honor of their appreciation towards their teacher, put on a secret dance to surprise her. They presented her with a t-shirt of the four seniors in dance company, while the seniors themselves were awarded sashes and bouquets. The roar of the audience at the end was invigorating, but at the same time we all felt the sadness creeping through everyone. The seniors will be missed. In the end, this performance was an astonishing display of talent and art.

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