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Christmas films you will NOT believe exist! #8 will shock you (not clickbait)

Once again, it's that time of the year! Now that Halloween is officially over, it's time to get right onto Christmas. That means it's time to take down your fall decorations and start to get into the Christmas cheer, and what better way to do that then watching some good ol’ Christmas movies? So, after lots of time and research, I've carefully compiled a list of the best Christmas movies to watch. With that, here’s my top Christmas movies to watch!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas:

Deemed a classic Christmas film by many, How the Grinch Stole Christmas features many big names, like Jim Carrey, Christine Baranski, and Taylor Momsen. The movie centers around a creature nicknamed the Grinch who, if you can’t tell, hates Christmas. Throughout the movie, he befriends a little girl named Cindy-Lou, who tries to help him recover his lost Christmas cheer, and prevent the holiday from being ruined.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

While it’s been debated among many whether this is a Christmas or Halloween movie, I like to consider it a Christmas movie. One of filmmaker Tim Burton's best films, The Nightmare Before Christmas follows the beloved pumpkin king of HalloweenTown, Jack Skellington, a skeleton who happens to stumble upon Christmas Town. From there, he brings the Christmas spirit back home with him- only to have upset many. Starring Danny Elfman and Catherine O’Hara, The Nightmare Before Christmas has been one of the most famous Christmas movies since it's release in 1993.

The Year Without Santa Claus:

One of my personal favorites, The Year Without a Santa Claus brings memories back for many, with its jolly soundtrack and bright colors. First aired on television in 1974, the film tells the story of a young boy named Iggy and his journey to bring Santa Claus back and save Christmas. Along the way, he meets many other bright characters, including Heat, Snow Miser, Mrs.Claus, and the citizens of SouthTown.

The Polar Express:

The Polar Express is one of the best on the list, triggering nostalgic memories, and featuring a team of A-Listers on the film. Starring Tom Hanks and written by Robert Zemeckis, the film is sure to leave a mark on you. The Polar Express follows a young boy who stumbles upon the Polar Express, a train to the North Pole, which only lets those who have believed in the legend of Santa Claus board it.

Home Alone:

Home Alone is another classic holiday film, and served as the debut of the now big star, Macaulay Culkin. Written by John Hughes paired with music by John Williams, the movie is great for Christmas time, and perfect to watch with your family. In the film, a young Kevin is accidentally left at home during the holidays, while his family attends a trip to Paris. However, his stay-cation is interrupted by two criminals who are insistent on robbing his home.

A Charlie Brown Christmas:

Another one of my personal favorites, A Charlie Brown Christmas follows Charlie Brown and all his friends (the Peanuts) as they find the true meaning of Christmas. As per usual, Charlie isn’t feeling too great, but with the help of a few musical numbers, christmas trees, and everyone's favorite puppy, he’s able to regain his Christmas cheer.


One of Will Ferrell's most iconic films, Elf tells the story of Buddy, a human boy who was accidentally shipped to the North Pole, where he became an elf. From there, Buddy slowly starts to realize that he’s not really an elf, and that he needs to go to New York to find his real family. However, once he arrives, Buddy realizes that he doesn’t exactly “fit in”, which makes his journey a little bit harder.

Of course, these are my own favorites, but I think you’ll find that it includes a perfect blend of classic Christmas films. December is here, and I believe it’s never too early to celebrate Christmas! So with that, go make some hot chocolate, put on a movie, and decorate your tree, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit.

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