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A Multitude of Creations; Crafty Family Edition

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all had no choice but to be stuck at home–and I, like others, have been feeling restless and going stir crazy. Everything is tedious and repetitive. After nine months, hobbies have been popping up in people's “new skills” section. I think many have picked up doing some variation of art.

Picking up a pencil or a paintbrush now out of pure boredom. But now wanting to make something: rather than being forced to in an art class. A swift move, dark metallic led scratching across the page. It's a line, no a curvy line, flick of the wrist, and has turned into an ear or an embodied Picasso flower. You take your sibling's Crayola markers scribbling bursts of color. Open a can of pain and splatter a specific pattern of anger.

But I thought I would share some art that has been circulating in my community of family. They have submitted all the art pieces. Across the board, the level of skill and creativity are layered. I asked for anything people have done on the side that they were comfortable and willing to share. I was able to get a few images from them. They are all agog to share these with you!

Art by Mary Ryan

Mairs’s most recent artwork is this incredible collage. Originally titled, “Post Election.” I can’t blame her for needing to do some quiet crafts after the election.

Art by Peter Ryan

Peter created this azure 1950’s salad bowl. He burned a design into the bowl using a machine that he also built. And of course, his final step was to stain the bowl blue.

Art by Susan Ryan

Susan shared one of her collections of stained glass.

Art by Michelle De La Rosa

Art by Karen Mahalick

Karen submitted a few of her most recent watercolor paintings. Through quarantine, she realized she had a knack for watercolor.

Art by Chris Petrini

Art by Chris Petrini

This pencil drawing is a take on an inside joke that my dad and I created. It consists of just three words, “super sick rats.” The phrase has no real meaning, but it’s sparked so many loud laughs through the years. This drawing is a play on “super sick rats,” now cast as a beggar.

Art by Camille Petrini

“Um, I don't know. I just started drawing.”

Art by Peter Ryan

Peter's second entry consists of wooden plates he found at thrift stores painted to look like Hopi art.

Art by Julie Carson

Julie has been making quilts for years and informed me this one is tilted “Hollyhocks.”

Art by Peter Ryan

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