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5 things to do when you’re done with your classwork

Art by Ket Gill

School. Seen as boring, this everyday activity is filled with hours of tedious work with little to no respite. But now and then, you find yourself with no classwork assigned; maybe you finished the work quickly, or there was a substitute teacher that day. Whatever the case, you might find yourself with nothing to do, and if your teacher doesn’t allow phones in class, you might even be bored. Being bored in class is never fun, especially not after finishing your work, the very thing that should be boring you. Due to this issue, I present a list of 5 (hopefully) helpful things to do when you are bored in class:

1) Work on any homework from other classes.

Just because you’re done with your work for one class doesn’t mean you don’t have other homework for other classes. Plus, if you do any assignments you have during class, you’ll have much more time to do whatever you want when you’re at home, rather than spending countless hours on assignments due the next day.

2) Study for any upcoming tests/exams

Tests can be a big part of your grade, which makes studying for them incredibly important. Even if you have plenty of time at home, it can almost always be beneficial to spend a little extra time preparing for an upcoming exam. And just because you don’t have a quiz soon doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be studying.

Credit: Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu via Unsplash

3) Practice the language you are learning

Languages can be very difficult to learn, and take lots of practice. There are many different ways you can practice for this class, from studying or reading and writing. Other options could be using Duolingo, which Renee Modina thought was a good resource to practice a language that you are learning. Practicing a new language can be very important, so this could be a great thing to do if you have the time.

4) Read a book

Credit: Claudia Wolf via Unsplash

While reading during school may seem incredibly boring, and something a teacher would say, it can be incredibly rewarding to finish a long and enjoyable book. Plus, reading is something that can be done just about anywhere and is more beneficial than many other ways to spend your time. And if you don’t know what to read, check out this article by Ivy Klein on “6 classic books that’ll make you fall in love with reading”.

5) Read an article on

If you’re reading this, maybe you already know how much of a good idea this is, but if you don’t, the Eagle’s Scream is a great place to learn about school events, read an opinion on the best food places in town, and to find otherwise fun and miscellaneous articles on many topics that might pique your interest. With articles published all the time, you’re certain to find an enjoyable read when visiting the Eagle’s Scream.

Hopefully, after reading this article you’ve found something that you can do with your free time in school. While many of the previously mentioned activities may seem obvious, they can be something you don’t think of at the time, even though it might be incredibly productive to spend some time doing them.

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