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Your Guide to a Pandemic Halloween

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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It’s finally October! The time of year where houses are decorated with the deceased and bone-chilling movies are playing in every home. With Halloween being a very spirited holiday that lacks social distancing, it can put a damper on how it will be celebrated in 2020. With LA County shutting down trick or treating all together and social gatherings still limited to 10, what is there to do?! Well, do I have news for you: you can still celebrate Halloween in a COVID-safe way! Costumes, spooky snacks, horror movie marathons, and Halloween-themed trends are still on the table and can be done safely, so if you’re dying to have some fun this Halloween you’ve come to the right place.


As the nights get chillier and decorated pumpkins creep their way into the night, you may find yourself pondering, “What am I going to be for Halloween?” This question may even haunt you months ahead of time, but there is certainly no Halloween without costumes. Sadly, there will be no Halloween parades, parties, or trick or treating, but that still doesn’t mean that you need to save your costume ideas for another year. If you're having trouble finding a costume, here is some inspiration that is sure to have you feeling fa-boo-lous! 

  1. A Witch 

  2. A Ghost 

  3. The Schoology homepage 

  4. An “Among Us” avatar

  5. A Pig in a Blanket

Movie Recommendations

The second the clock hits midnight on October 1, streaming services dump all sorts of Halloween-themed movies onto their platforms. With these thrillers bombarding the domains, it’s hard to determine which movies are worth binging to get into the spooky mood. Take it from an avid horror/Halloween movie binger, I know the most fang-tastic movies to watch! 

  1. Hocus Pocus directed by Kenny Ortega (Disney+) Trailer

  2. The Babysitter directed by McG (Netflix) Trailer

  3. Silence of the Lambs directed by Jonathan Demme (Netflix) Trailer

  4. Killer Klowns from Outer Space directed by Stephen Chiodo (Netflix) Trailer

  5. The Addams Family directed by Barry Sonnfield (Netflix) Trailer

  6. Us directed by Jordan Peele (HBO Max) Trailer

  7. Rocky Horror Picture Show directed by Jim Sharman (Hulu) Trailer

  8. Beetlejuice directed by Tim Burton Trailer

  9. Coraline directed by Henry Selick Trailer

  10. The Conjuring directed by James Wan  Trailer

  11. A Nightmare on Elms Street directed by Wes Craven  Trailer

  12. Scream directed by Wes Craven Trailer

  13. Child’s Play (1988) directed by Tom Holland Trailer


Halloween is a holiday that inspires many trends. With many people having lots of time to themselves to come up with creative ideas, there is a Halloween-themed trend that has taken over social media: ghost photoshoots. These photoshoots are simple, fun, safe, and do not require a real ghost! This trend appeared on TikTok just a couple of weeks ago, and in light of it being October, it has gained popularity. All you need for this photography project is a camera, white sheet, willing participants, and your imagination. It’s as simple and spooky as that!

Briana Garcia


Ghosts, ghouls, witches, and goblins are the perfect inspiration for tasty treats! Talented individuals from all over the world have shared their Halloween-themed foods on the internet and they’re all frightfully delicious! Although there aren’t any parties to show off your boo-tiful creations, they are perfect snacks for movie marathons and a blast to make. Head on over to your kitchen, grab those oven mitts, and get ready to trick or treat yo’ self to some good food!

Bat Cupcakes

This spooktacular recipe can be found on Big Bear Wife's website!

Big Bear Wife

Dracula Dentures

These cookies are perfect to sink your teeth into! You can find this recipe on Delish's website.


Ghost Mini Pizzas

These yummy mini pizzas are to die for and will for sure get you in the Halloween spirit! The recipe can be found on Delish's website.


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