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Using my vision to rank “WandaVision” decade costumes

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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Marvel Entertainment has brought action-packed movies to the big screen for roughly twelve years and as they transition into their fourth phase of storytelling, Marvel has gifted audiences with WandaVision, a show following the characters Wanda Maximoff and the Vision. The show is about Wanda Maximoff taking over a town and fabricating an alternate reality to feel at peace after losing the love of her life, Vision. The series strayed away from the typical superhero tropes and explored the emotional depth and complexities between a mentally unstable witch and her synthezoid husband through sitcoms in styles from the 1950s to the 2010s. Now with all the episodes being available on Disney+, we get to see the beautiful costumes that Mayes C. Rubeo was given the task of designing and to stay true to the title, I think it’s only fitting to rank both Wanda and Vision’s clothing throughout the decades. (Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution if you have yet to watch the whole series.)

6) The 2000s

Sadly, we did not get to see Wanda in a Juicy Couture tracksuit or Vision wearing ridiculously baggy pants, but this ensemble was fitting for the storyline. The early 2000s' excessive “bling” wasn’t included in the costumes but the suburban outfits suit the environment. Nevertheless, I think a possible outfit change for Vision would have been nice to see.

5) The 1980s

This outfit was perfect for the newly made parents and gave the episode a nostalgic and homey feel. The suspenders, giant hair, and high-rise pants were so unflattering it made it all the better. It was the right amount of over the top, and once again… the hair!

4) The 1960s

Wanda and Vision looked beyond adorable and the details put into the outfits for the talent show were fantastic. What makes this decade’s costume significant is the way that Wanda’s everyday clothing is much more progressive than her other counterparts to distinctly show that she is an outsider and doesn’t belong. The allusion to the show Bewitched is prevalent through the costumes and adds a “witchy-er” feel to Wanda and Vision as well.

3) The 1950s

The costuming in this episode was genius! With it being the first episode, it definitely had to make a great first impression for what’s to come and it did just that. The hoop skirt and pinup dress on Wanda was an excellent touch, and Vision’s suit was casual but perfect for the time. The sitcom inspiration for this episode was the Dick Van Dyke Show and Vision’s attire complimented it perfectly, even taking some staples from Dick Van Dyke.

2) The 1970s

These outfits were nothing short of groovy. Wanda’s gogo boots, striped dress, and long hair were perfect for the decade! In this Brady Bunch-inspired episode, the family “vibe” could be felt through the couple’s ensembles, and to remain true to the ‘70s, Vision was given sideburns. For being known as a bald red synthezoid, seeing Vision in his human form is weird enough as it is, but adding sideburns into the mix was the greatest kind of odd. All that can really be said is that the clothing choices were far out!

1) The 1990s

The getups in this episode still leave me speechless. This episode was a Halloween special in which Wanda and Vision dressed in their original comic book outfits. Although it wasn’t an elaborate super suit made for the heroes, the homemade costume look added a deeper sentimental value. Both protagonists decked out in neon and nylon captivated the screen and gave what Marvel fans love so much — a direct comic book reference. The allusion was spectacular and Vision’s tube socks and bright orange Converses must continue to be a staple in his later super suits.

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