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Art by Anabella Cuadillo

10. The first day of school she had brown hair, and the second day it was bright orange.

9. She has like twenty piercings and also tattoos.

8. She is friends with multiple freshmen.

7. She spends her lunches in Mr. Hicks’ side room.

6. She is a DP student.

5. She is a height fisher.

4. She has a very bad taste in men. Source: trust me

3. Her music taste is honestly trash. She is a Radiohead Pharb Swiftie and has a male manipulator playlist.

2. She is a theater kid. She got the lead in SPAMALOT.

1. She was the editor-in-chief of the Eagle’s Scream, aka the worst aspect of this entire school.

We love you Eleanor <3

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