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Three must-watch movies for spring

Art by Ket Gill

With spring around the corner, it’s time to say goodbye to gloomy skies and hello to the season of love with a rom-com movie night. Instead of being stuck on the question of which films to watch, here’s a list to help you be prepared. 


Even though this rom-com is set during the winter, this beautiful movie is meant to be watched all year round. Two strangers, Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas, meet by chance in New York City. Jonathan thinks he’s her soulmate, but Sara believes that if they’re truly meant to be, then destiny will bring them back together. 

This more than 20-year-old movie has an amount of nostalgia that always brings a smile to my face; their 2000s love story is tear-jerking, laugh-inducing, and forever ingrained in my mind. This film has increased my standards for love after watching the two leads fall in love again and again, always defying destiny.

La La Land

The cinematography, the soundtrack, and just about everything in La La Land’s jaw-dropping storyline are perfect as a rom-com for movie night. As an Oscar-winning film, there’s not much I need to boast about this movie to convince someone to watch it. The two leads, played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, have acting performances that will very much exceed your expectations. The chemistry between the two is unmatched, which truly adds to the beautiful story that no other pair of actors could’ve created. 

As my favorite movie, I’ve watched La La Land several times, and I bawl my eyes out during every single rewatch. Director, Damien Chazelle, shot scenes that created such an attachment between me and the characters that I felt as if I were in the movie myself. This film has amazing storytelling as a rom-com, but not only is it a heartbreaking love story, but also an inspiring movie about chasing one’s dreams. And that is the selling point of the beautiful masterpiece that is La La Land.

Crazy Rich Asians

Despite its wonderful representation of Asian culture in the film industry; Crazy Rich Asians creates an original and unforgettable narrative about a couple on their trip to Singapore. Rachel Chu, played by Constance Wu, learns something unexpected about her boyfriend, Nick Young — played by Henry Golding — that will change their relationship. Whether that’s for the better or worse is for you to decide. This film has an amazing soundtrack that I listened to for days, but the costumes are out of this world. This is one of my favorite movies and I love recommending it to everyone and anyone.

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