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The unexpected perks of Thanksgiving on Zoom

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Art by Geena San Diego

For the majority of people, Thanksgiving will be added to the ever-increasing list of

Zoomified events. Instead of enjoying homemade desserts with family and friends, we’ll be reduced to screen-sharing the process of assembling Papa’s Bakeria cherry pie. But maybe it isn’t all bad. There are actually quite a few bonuses to having Thanksgiving on Zoom (not just limited to being able to flaunt digital food service skills with ease).

For instance, if you’re down in the dumps about missing out on your favorite Thanksgiving dishes this year, camera angles can salvage this loss. No one can really see what you’re eating, so Thanksgiving food can be whatever you want it to be. Ditch the classic turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing and enjoy some of your favorite snacks instead. Skittles? Dill pickle juice? It’s Thanksgiving food. If there are people around you that can actually see what’s on your plate, blame the unconventional dinner they claim to see on a quarantine hallucination.

A Zoom Thanksgiving can also transform the volume buttons on your device of choice into conflict resolution tools. When your uncle’s tangent takes a wrong turn, simply lower the volume.

If you’re going to be virtually pressed with questions about your life from family members this Thanksgiving, come prepared. Utilize the skills you gained through online learning, and construct a powerpoint complete with photos and descriptions to expedite your portion of show and tell. If all else fails, fake a frozen screen to avoid the constant questions. Using Zoom’s features to your advantage will upgrade your holiday season.

Quarantine has pushed the boundaries of what it means to look on the bright side. At this point, rose colored glasses are a wardrobe staple - and Thanksgiving is no different. Maintaining a glass-half-full mentality opens the door to a plethora of perks, from food freedom to de-escalation hacks. Although enjoying people’s company in a proximity closer than six feet will be prohibited, there’s still a lot to be grateful for.

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Unknown member
Jan 27, 2021

Nice writing bro!

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