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The twins with talent

Art by Grace Gill

It’s not every day you come across twins with artistic talent like the Gill twins. Ket (he/him) and Grace Gill (she/her) are two twins from Mt. Washington and are now artists for the Eagles Scream here at Eagle Rock Jr/Sr High School. These twins have been doing art all their lives. 

Born on December 27th, 2006, at Glendale Adventist, the two twins’ love for art came quickly. When they were younger, the twin's mother used to take them to art classes. Though they constantly banter, when asked what the best and worst part of having a twin was, they responded, “The worst part is having to live with each other, but the balance is that you have a built-in best friend.” The twins are very grateful for the people in their lives. Grace takes inspiration from David Bowie, saying, “He is my idol, and I love his music and style. He has been and will always be an icon.” Ket takes inspiration from his mother and says, “She is the strongest person I know. She's a great leader and a role model. She inspires me to go the distance.”

As of now, the twins continue to do art. Ket's art style is a combination of art styles inspired by animation, graphic novels, and “Scott Pilgrim,” the graphic novel. Grace’s art style is a more realistic, and less cartoony style. The twins also love music, and similar to art, they have contrasting choices. Grace enjoys Chloe Moriando, Hozier, and Wet Leg while Ket enjoys Cavetown, Arctic Monkeys, and Mother Mother. 

Ket's art:

Grace's art:

In the future, Ket strives to be an animation director. He wants to fight for more representation in the media. Grace would like to go into stop-motion animation as she enjoys Tim Burton's films and that general style. As of now, you can catch the twins sketching on their homework and walking around with their bright personalities here at Eagle Rock Jr/Sr High School.

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1 Comment

This article meant so much to me! Thanks to everyone at Eagle‘s Scream for being so supportive of the twins and their art and Astro for writing such a great article! As their mom, I couldn’t be more proud!

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