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The rise of Squishmallows

Art by Jessica Calaguas

If you’ve ever taken a trip to Costco, it’s very possible you’ve stumbled upon the giant bin filled with Squishmallows. And if you’re anything like my mother you’ve also wondered: what are Squishmallows, and why are they so popular? In order to answer my mother (and you, of course) I decided to do some research!

What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are egg-shaped stuffed animals and food with cute faces embroidered onto them. The designs range from kittens to mushrooms and pineapples to unicorns. Their concept could be compared to that of Webkinz or Beanie Babies. Sounds simple enough. But why are they so popular, and why do some cost so much? The average squish’s price can be from $20-$50 dollars, which isn’t exactly cheap. It’s safe to say that the amount can be because of their collectibility factor. The plushies come in hundreds of different versions and colors, so it's no surprise that some want to collect each and every one of them. There isn’t an exact reason for their rise in popularity, but a mix of celebrity endorsement and social media attention are the probable factors.

Which Squish is the best?

In order to determine which one is best, I created a google form with the 15 most popular and sought-after Squishmallows (which I found on r/squishmallows on Reddit). From there I sent the survey around to friends and family and posted it on social media. After waiting a day or two I collected my results and was actually a bit surprised. With that, let’s get into the top 10 Squishmallows!

Brooke the Polar Bear

Last but most definitely not least, is Brooke the Polar Bear with 2 votes. Brooke is a sweet polar bear with a love for baking. She has a knack for cooking and expresses her love through it. Brooke warms her friends' hearts through her kind spirit and treats fresh from the oven.

Charlotte the Calico Cat

Next is Charlotte the Calico Cat, who received 2 votes in 9th place. Charlotte is a part of the Easter Squishmallows and loves the holiday. Pink and purple fur, she loves Easter so she can jump into the baskets and take a nice nap.

Belozi the Cow

In 8th place is Belozi the Cow with 4 votes. Belozi is a rainbow cow with a goal to stand out and live his best life. Belozi enjoys expressing himself through his wardrobe, and mixed with his kind soul it's impossible to not love him. He has two rules to always live by treating others with respect and putting your best foot forward.

Charlize the Cockatiel

Coming in 7th place with 4 votes is Charlize the Cockatiel! Charlize is a professional masseuse and a strong advocate for self-care. When she isn’t taking on a weekend getaway in her cabin, she likes to soothe other Squishmallows, and help them truly relax.

Baby Yoda

Receiving 5 votes, 6th place is everyone’s favorite—Baby Yoda! Also known as The Child, this squish is a part of the special Star Wars collection along with Chewbacca, BB-8, and R2-D2.