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The Fandom Rankings

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Art by Renee Modina

Pre-written and originating from an ER scream brainstorm session, I, your host, am proud to present, “The Fandom Rankings.” One probably assumes with so much time, a more creative title would’ve been produced, unfortunately, that is not so. I just had no better ideas, so moving on! A quick PSA before we begin, all of the following is based on survey results. No comment or opinion is that of the entire journalism class or my own, So, viewers, please don’t attack us. Some of y’all are… politely scary… respectfully terrifying? I think I can say that. Also, everyone has their differing biases and experiences and it can be pre-assumed some big-time things will be missed. This is a light piece and not entirely accurate on a large scale (it is not accurate on a wide scale, no question about it). Finally, all commentary is quoting or for comedic effect. There will be 5 awards and some response favorites included throughout. There is also a fan fiction-related category. With that, let’s begin.

Chaotic Fandom Members

Starting off strong, we have a poll on the most chaotic fandom members. This question has a bit over 40 responses and two prominent leaders in the ranks. But before we share that, to the child who just entered their or their friend’s name repeatedly for every single question, I had to photo-shop your entries out. I do know your name now though, so be afraid of my very “intimidating” 5’2 8th-grade self.

Now heading on back to the awards, first for “Most Chaotic Fandom,” we have Anime Fans, with 30 votes. In second K-pop it is, with 24. And in 3rd, there is a tie of 10 votes between the Directioners and the Potterheads.

The majority seems to find large-scale fandoms the most chaos-filled, which is no surprise, considering the most “if you don’t like this ship, to the guitunes you go” mentality can be found in them. The most intense tend to shine the brightest (and blind us, or threaten too). The anime fandom actually has around 50 million estimated fans, many of which are twitter active. So, with all that passion and concerning ship accounts, they’ve made first. This award show production doesn’t have trophies for 50 million people, nor the budget to buy them, but we can say, “congrats,” and then slowly…back...away.

Who will hunt you down?

Next up, we have the winners for those who are most likely to hunt you down. Whether you’ve insulted the fandom or simply made a comment on their post, these members have the power and will find your address. Twitter arguments lead to doxing, and 90% of them should be FBI agents or serving time. One responder stated, “it’s funny how if you make a brand new twitter acc and say ‘k-pop is bad’ you will be bullied hard,” and that really does fall in line with the results. The places are K-pop with 25, Anime with 7, and the Dream SMP with 5. The general viewpoint seems to be that K-pop is a huge fandom and very dedicated, and while anybody will defend what they love, most of these stans are extreme.

Semi-related, but Dream SMP wasn’t put as a multi-choice box, as “other:___” was already there. And it has become clear since the survey’s creation that it really should have been. There are different sides to all fandoms but whatever side this originated from, “DREAMSMP FANS R PCSYCHO AND YOU DIDNT EVEN INCLUDE THEM,” I’m worried. The all-caps really translates that aggressiveness that it’s rather lovely. Also, this comment does connect to fandom increases and how different levels of dedication can present in any group. But in efforts to keep this going, the show will not be getting into that today.

Who will cancel you in a heartbeat?

Here we go again! Now, take a guess. I’ve got 3 responses specifically about being canceled by them and honestly- just kidding. I’m not sharing my opinion seeing as I don’t want to be hunted. Anyways, K-pop and BTS are in first with 14 votes, and “idk” is in 2nd with 7. The Dream SMP and Anime fandoms are tied for 3rd with 4 votes.

Credits to google and Novel HD

Three people did put twitter in general, and one incredible person put Onceler stans. Which, on the topic, brings me to the question of why is he shipped with himself and the orange furry exclusively?

Nevermind, with one google search i’ve decided I don’t want to know.

Needs a hug

After that interesting Lorax deep dive, which I may or may not have spent over 30 minutes googling, I think all of us could use some wholesome content. And would you look at that rainbow of colors? Someone help us. “Needs a hug,” is the title and it is a lot. The academy award goes to…I’m not even sure, but the data clearly implies that we’re all touch starved. Anime, Steven Universe, Supernatural, and Harry Potter are statistically especially in need of affection and professional help though. To some it up, Destiel broke SPN and Harry Potter’s lack of living relatives did a number on that fandom. Anime has a lot to unpack and Steven Universe is- oh gosh. You can see who won off the charts, but at what cost?

“A small price to pay for salvation” “You’re insane.” Also, salvation is by definition is preservation from harm, ruin, or loss, so check Webster’s Thanos.

Worst ao3, wattpad, and fanfiction

This. This is where it all goes downhill. Nothing good comes from fanfic, except coffee shop tropes and fix-it AUs…. but that's for another time. The results of this poll are by far the most straightforward yet confusing. Real people stories, minor x adult, and adoption plots are the highlighted least favorites by far. When “adoption” is said, it is very much in reference to messy buns, the term “orbs,” and One Direction. Without further stalling, the results.

Anime takes the crown on this one, and 3rd and 2nd are both ties. Harry Potter and “idk” have 7, while One Direction and Real People fics both have 6. Going off Harry Potter’s notorious colllection of “every character ship possible, yes even the house elves,” it’s no big surprise it made the list. And though I did disclose at the beginning of the article that all statements are drawn from form responses, I’m going to tell my own little story time quickly. You see, this question is the reason I now know of a girl names Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way.

“My immortal is harry potter fanfic so probably harry potter”

I didn’t know what it was, I was curious, and now I am regretful.

Photo by Jed Egan, Warner Bros., Shutterstock

That story was so cliche and poorly spelt that it was comedic. I can’t “promote” such stories because this is a school article, however emo Draco and vampire Potter are now forever in my brain. There are so many things to address in that story and I am not even past part 6. I also don’t intend to continue it, but my impulse control declines daily. Not to mention the fanart. So to the person who responded, thanks a lot. That’s a core memory. Now, back to your regular programming!

One Direction, who tied for 3rd, had multiple comments to accompany its ranking. Most who voted for it touched on the real people aspect and the same went for Dream SMP and K-pop.

Specifics of this section included:

“It's valid to write about cute guys... but they take it too far with some freaky plots. Like one-direction?? adopting people?? and then falling in love with who they adopted ??” In regards to any real person fics, a collective response of certain fandom writers needing limits kept coming up.

“Probably any fandom with real people (Kpop, One Direction, DSMP, etc.) because 1. some people don't give consent for fanart/fiction, or being shipped with friends that are more like family, and people ignore that and do what they said not to, and that's just messed up. Especially people that are shipping minors and adults.” Once again the real people issue.

any fan base that are fans of real actors or bands or artists and other famous personalities because they're writing about real people and thats kinda weird. I can only imagine what might happen if these real people read these fan fictions…” And once more.

That’s a Wrap!

Thank you for viewing this messy 5 part award show! To recap, Anime fans won “most chaotic,” K-pop fandom won “most likely to hunt you down”. K-pop fandom also won “most likey to cancel you” and Anime supporters also won “needs a hug.” The award for worst fanfiction went to Anime fans once again, so they are arguably the most chaotic and voted upon fandom. This piece was a disaster, but not as bad as some of your twitter followings. With that, I hope you enjoyed the show and have a good day!

Bonus: Some honorable mentions for the road

“Jake Gyllenhaal. Exhibit A”- a Swiftie

“The second a fandom gets big, more people who are ready to step out of line will join. So, the OKKO fanbase only has some 1,000 active members, if 1% is insane, that's only 10 people. The genshin fanbase has 1,000,000 people in it, 10,000 people are insane. It's just about size.” This one serves as a great representative for the fandom increase effect.

“MCYT fanartists are the nicest people I have ever talked to on twitter. Not a single bad interaction. Shout out to the asian MCYT community”

“your welcome and maybe learn about the FNAF ships that exist since they are cursed.” This awards show has collectively decided that is probably a rabbit hole I, the host, should not fall into.

“The Cobra Kai fandom, for being oddly misogynistic. (I still adore the show though) and the Criminal Minds fandom for being weird with Spencer Reid and Jemily (a ship between JJ and Emily) and... lots of twitter racism.”

“thx andie luv u”- presumably Andie’s friend

“Mcu could probably fit all of these” They are inevitable. That was a really bad half reference, apologies.

“I think the bnha fandom is something to be investigated”

“Book tok, marvel, Pokemon, DC, Walking dead, Percy Jackson, Teen wolf, Super Natural, Avatar, Hunger games, Lord of the rings, and Merlin”

“Fanfiction can be deeply disturbing depending on subject matter. I avoid wattpad at all costs :))”

“I am confused here?”

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Owen Taylor
Owen Taylor
Jan 26, 2022

The Eagle's Scream fanbase is interesting in the fact that it doesn't exist.

Jan 26, 2022
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Nah I stan Eagle Rock

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