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Owen Taylor (he/him) has lived in Eagle Rock his whole life. An insightful child, he protested the question of “what do you want to do when you grow up?” instead pursuing many hobbies and interests over the years, like fencing and jazz band. After joining journalism in 9th grade, he found a passion for writing and technology, and continues to be one of our team's most valued members. 

Now a senior, Owen has developed his role in journalism, taking on the title of “Website Manager.” He’s the master behind all the design and details of our site, keeping it up and running for everyone to enjoy. Outside of school, Owen enjoys reading about things like history and politics, interested in learning about people he doesn’t know. Additionally, while sushi is his favorite food, Owen clarifies that his last meal on death row would be, “a bag of very sharp doritos” to fight his captors and escape to freedom. 

In the future, he can see himself becoming an urban planner, redesigning cities like LA to become more “sustainable and transit friendly.” If he ends up moving from the city, he feels like he might find his place somewhere in Spain, hoping that when he dies, his body will end up as a skeleton in some lucky science classroom.

Bio by Avni Koppula

Owen Taylor

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