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The ERHS Squid Games

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Starting November 1st and ending on the 9th, the Eagle’s Scream hosted their first (and last) Squid Games. The event featured 4 games loosely based on the show and began with a total of 30 students (roughly 5 from each grade). After losing a game, participants were eliminated with silly string.

Game #1: Red Light, Green Light

To stay somewhat true to the show, we kicked off the games with the iconic Red light, Green light. Participants were instructed to stand at the back of the quad and make their way to the front. At the top of the stairs stood our very own Eagle’s Scream artist, Jessica Lau, dressed as the infamous doll (see below).

Game #2: Tug of War

Next up was Tug of War. The remaining participants from the first game were randomly divided into two teams after picking a bag, which contained a yellow or blue jersey. After teams were decided, the game began. Two close rounds were played, and the blue team ended up taking victory home. Unfortunately, all participants in the yellow team were eliminated.

Game #3: Dalgona/Honeycomb Game

Then, we started on our third event, the Dalgona game. This was one of the infamous games seen in Squid Game. The objective was for participants to carve a circle out of the candy without breaking the rest of it. These final four participants moved onto the next game.

Game #4: Jump and Spray

To finish the event off, the last four players played the jump and spray game. The participants began at their home base, then hopped into other hula hoops to attempt to get close to another player and eliminate them by spraying them with silly string.

In the end, senior Jaylen Slaton-Cruz was the victorious winner of the Squid Game event.

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