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The best of Styles' style

Credit: Harry Styles Official Instagram

After being postponed in 2020 due to the global pandemic, on September 4, 2021, Harry Styles’ highly anticipated 2nd World Tour, Love on Tour, began. He would be touring “Fine Line,” his second studio album after starting a solo career during the hiatus of the boyband he’s in, One Direction. Alongside his beautiful voice, in more recent years, Harry has become known for his fashion. He always goes out of the box, breaks gender norms, and expresses his unique self with his outfits at award shows, red carpets, performances, etc.

Henceforth, while being able to hear his music live and in person once more was extremely exciting for fans, so was finding out what outfit Harry would be performing in that night. In true Fine Line fashion, many of the outfits consisted of different colored shirts with high-waisted pants and suspenders, all of them with the same colored pair of boots. However, every now and then, Styles would throw a wrench in his usual ensemble leading to arguably some of his best on tour outfits of all time. As a dedicated Harry Styles fan I used my love for Harry and perseverance when it seemed impossible to choose, to present to you my itemized list of the top ten best outfits of Love on Tour.

*Disclaimer: These are my opinions, if you don’t agree with them, please feel free to respectfully express so, thank you!*

*All photos unless stated otherwise are credited to Harry Lambert*

Honorable Mentions:

Honorable Mention: St. Louis

Honorable Mention: Little Rock

Honorable Mention: San Antonio

Starting off with my top 3 honorable mentions (in no particular order), St. Louis, Little Rock, and San Antonio. All 3 ensembles were his signature suspenders look in a variety of color palettes. St. Louis was in a wonderful vibrant orange that he wore with a pair of Elton John glasses and matching boa that were both thrown on stage. Little Rock was practically the same outfit, but in a brilliant blue with yet another appearance of the Elton John glasses. Finally, San Antonio in a lilac shiny button-down top and a cream shade of suspenders and pants, this is quite possibly my favorite of the runner-ups as it is quite magical. All three runner-ups were just a bit off the mark from my top 10 mainly since they were all the typical suspender outfits. Now onto the real winners:

#10 Long Island

In 10th place, I’ve put Harry's outfit from his final show of Love On Tour, Long Island. To go out of tour with a bang, he wore one of his typical high-waisted bottoms, but swapped out suspenders for sparkles! The gold streamer vest was the perfect swap out to celebrate the completion of the tour, so it squeaked its way into the top 10.

#9 Los Angeles, Night 2

In 9th is, yes, a suspender look, but unlike the usual vibrant or pastel colors, it is a matching set in shimmering black. It closely resembles the dark crowds and sprinkling lights amongst the darkness of the stadiums he plays in and was quite a stunning choice for his second LA show. It just didn’t quite stand up to the other ensembles, so I placed it at 9th.

#8 Harryween, Night 2