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Teacher Profiles: Meet the New Staff

Eagles, welcome back to school! Another year of education awaits you all! As we settle into our seats this year, the Eagles Scream would like to personally welcome the new teachers and staff we now have on campus. Tenacious, sweet, Helpful, and Kind are some of the many traits the staff members share. Without further ado, Here is the new staff for the 2019-2020 school year.

Mr. Alvarez

Many of us have traveled to a few states in our country, but Mr. Alvarez, a new English teacher at Eagle Rock has us all beat, having been to 27 states in the Union! Over halfway done, he is heading to the Lone Star State in October for a college football game.This comes as no shock, considering he’s a major sports fan. When talking about soccer specifically, one can’t help but notice a fiery passion in his eyes, as he goes on about his “ first love” - a love that he has passed on to his children. Ironically, despite being an English teacher, History is actually his favorite subject. Nonetheless, Mr. Alvarez’s passion for teaching language is apparent. Along with his hard working attitude and undeniable charisma, there’s no doubt he will make a fine addition to our school community.

Ms. Cisneros

Ms. Cisneros is our new assistant principal, and she’s determined to leave her mark on our community. When you walk into her office, you can see the many treats she gives out to members of the staff. She has a caring heart, which can be seen by her compassion towards her colleagues, or her love for her pets (Her 2 cats, and her dogs). The ocean is her favorite place to relax, especially when cruising in Mexican waters. She hopes to make her next stop to the beautiful beaches of Thailand. It’s clear to see that Ms. Cisneros’ love for her colleagues and a contagious positivity will light up our campus.

Ms. Hernandez

Ms. Hernandez is no stranger to our campus. Once a member of the ERHS Band for all six years of high school, she’s returned to her old stomping grounds - this time as a science teacher. Her musical talent unexpectedly helped her grow a passion for fitness. She loves to lift weights at the gym, and owes this to the challenges of her days of marching in the hot sun for the band. Nowadays, she focuses on the rising heat levels of the planet, and is a major environmental activist. She believes change is necessary, so much so, that she hopes to teach AP Environmental science in the coming years. Ms. Hernandez is a huge 80s music fan, and she loves Queen with her favorite song being “Don’t Stop Me Now!” It inspires her greatly to follow her dreams of making an impact through the instruction of the beauty of science.

Mr. Colacion

Mr. Colacion is a new health and science teacher here at Eagle Rock, and his passion for it can be seen the moment you walk into his class. All across his room are real life models of the human body, from the digestive system to the circulatory system! He gets his blood flowing by bike riding up across the LA River, and taking in the sights of our beautiful city. A scientist at heart, he is planning an expedition to the Antarctic - one he hopes to embark on with other science teachers. The idea of traveling alongside scientists, studying the glaciers, and life down there is intriguing to him. With a true passion for science, and his students, Mr. Colacion is surely an exceptional addition to our Eagle Rock Family.

Ms. Munoz

While she can’t travel back to our nation’s history first hand, Ms. Munoz hopes to achieve the next best thing to that in her classroom. She is a new history teacher on campus, who loves studying about the rise of democracy, and the birth of our nation. Besides history, she is a hiker at heart,a passion she shares with her two children. Together they travel constantly from the glaciers in Alaska, and even later this winter, when she travels to Thailand. Ms. Munoz hopes to inspire her students to study history not just for a grade, but for knowledge and out of curiosity. She believes it’s the best way to ensure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. We are very fortunate to have her as a new member of our staff!

Ms. Washington

Ms. Washington is a new special education teacher here with a mission of helping her students unlock their capabilities and assisting them in reaching their full potential. Not only is she a dedicated educator, Ms. Washington is also an entrepreneur. Alongside her wife, they have a cinnamon roll company that offers unique varieties of both sweet and savory pastries. Her creativity doesn’t stop there. One of her favorite hobbies is writing fiction, and is currently renovating her own house. Speaking of homes, Ms. Washington didn’t always reside here in the states. She spent a year living in Ghana, West Africa, and another six months in Kenya, East Africa. She’s been to a lot of places, and, Eagle Rock High School is now her home as well.

Ms. Wilkins

Although this is her first year teaching at ERHS, Ms. Wilkins has been a member of our school’s community for quite sometime now. Not only is she an Eagle Rock alumni, her children also attend our school. From student to parent to teacher, Eagle Rock High School is very meaningful to her, as “It feels like home to [her.]” Now she hopes to make a difference as a P.E. teacher, the same way her old basketball coach did for her. Immigrating to the states as a young teen, Ms. Wilkins recalls not feeling like she belonged until finding basketball. Being told her whole life that girls shouldn’t play sports, her coach showed her otherwise. “After that, I wanted to do the same thing as her: inspire,” she says. She credits her coach for showing her that females could be amazing P.E. teachers, and it empowered her to want to do the same. Being an inspirational woman herself, were sure she will inspire here at Eagle Rock.

Ms. Burgos

Mr. Alvarez may have traveled to 27 states in the Union, but imagine visiting 80 countries across the globe! That’s over 40 percent of the 196 countries that are in the world. You might be thinking, who has the Energy, and time to travel that much?” That woman is Ms. Burgos. Her next stop on her list is Ice Cold Iceland! She has the perfect credentials for teaching math, as she is a business major, and was a businesswoman for many years until she decided that teaching was her passion. Ms. Burgos will make a fine addition to our staff on campus.

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