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Teacher Profile: Mr. De Leon

Photo Credits: Ella Esther

Science is a favored subject among many, and that can often be attributed to one’s teacher! Having a good teacher often leads to having a lot of fun in that class, even if it may not be your favorite subject in school. Mr. De Leon is one of those teachers, mixing your school's typical worksheets with showstopping experiments guaranteed to brighten your day. Considering this is his 23rd year teaching, this comes as no surprise. Not only does he teach, but he is also the Students Run Los Angeles club sponsor and the coach of the baseball team.

As a matter of fact, Mr. De Leon’s experience with teachers throughout high school actually led him to this career. He did, however, start out working as a football and baseball coach which then bloomed into his career as a teacher. As a result of his 23 years in teaching, he does need a few stress outlets, and those take place in the form of sports and athletics. Not only does he enjoy these two sports, but he also enjoys running, snowboarding, and rugby.

Mr. De Leon is the club sponsor for SRLA, or Students Run Los Angeles. He described himself as being “suckered into it,” many years ago as a first-year teacher, saying the principal asked him to ‘monitor’ it. However, after seeing the works of the club, he became the club sponsor. He says that seeing the students progress and grow through the program is something that he really enjoys.

This ideology carries over to coaching the baseball team! Seeing kids bond through the sport is one of his favorite things about it. He says that going in you have a lot of individuals that probably only care for themselves, but as the season progresses, you have a team who cares for each other and helps to the best of their abilities.

Not only is this moral present in athletics, but also in his teaching! One of his favorite things about teaching is seeing all his students succeed. Even if it doesn’t happen instantly, it is still very rewarding knowing that his students are able to succeed in his class. Knowing that he has an impact on students and their future is one of the most fulfilling points of his job.

Mr. De Leon is a wonderful teacher and obviously shows an extreme amount of care for everyone he mentors. Despite this, he thinks red is the color that best represents science. It is arguably a crime for him to consider red the color of science. If anyone thinks science is anything other than green, it is arguably a crime against humanity. Still, Mr. De Leon is a great teacher and coach, and he is a valuable part of our school.

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