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Teacher Fashion at ERHS

Fashion is such an important aspect of this school, it’s one of the things that makes our campus so diverse. Now, I'm not just talking about the students, we have some pretty stylish teachers and staff here at Eagle Rock High School as well.

Mr. Mailes

Mr. Mailes the horticulture teacher, nature club and FFA sponsor, is now into his second year at this school and has showcased some amazing outfits. He tends to opt for comfy, workable clothes that he can garden in and get dirty. His staple piece is his hat, which he wears often. An original piece by his friend, a designer by the name of Wille Roberts. This hat features a stegosaurus brooch and a rooster feather on the side of the hat. His unique outfits have become a staple in the garden and are not only stylish but functional for his work as well. His style sets an example for his students and shows them how they can make cute outfits functional as well.

Ms. Maddox

Next, we have Ms. Maddox, an art teacher with a cute and also comfy fashion sense. She was wearing a floral shirt and long denim skirt and when I asked why, she responded, “It was a gloomy day and my outfit would brighten up the classroom.” She continues to explain how flats are a must-have in her classroom since she is constantly walking around and helping her students. Her fashion icon is Coco Chanel because of her simplistic views and most notably her quote, “Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance.” Ms. Maddox dresses the way she does, because of the way it makes her feel. She feels as if she can brighten a room by the color of her stockings or exert confidence by the shade of her blouse. She recalls the 1950’s airport fashion and how everyone always looked put together and composed. She tends to wear things that make her feel confident, composed, and comfortable and makes sure that her outfits are school appropriate and brighten up her classroom as well.

Mr. Oliveros

Although known for his simplistic style, Mr. Oliveros is next up in the list of fashionable teachers. Mr. Oliveros is known for his staple striped shirts, and says, “you will never see me without a striped shirt on at school.” He recalls his favorite clothing piece, a tailored suit by Gucci, although only worn a small number of times it is a symbol of his accomplishments and financial stability. Mr. Oliveros is another teacher who demands comfort for his demanding job screaming, “NO JOY!” all the time to his students, he jokes. He recalls his favorite era for fashion, the 90’s filled with a multitude of different styles and attitudes that reflected the culture at the time and displaying diversity. He closes off his statements with his hatred for super skinny jeans and ultra high waisted pants that are trending from the 80’s. Furthermore, his simplistic style, sometimes “too casual”, makes him feel cozy at school. Comfort is the key aspect of his style.

Mrs. Keipp

Finally, we have the fashion ICON of Eagle Rock Jr. Sr. High, Mrs. Keipp! Our fashionable principle is notorious for her spirited outfits and is constantly sporting green and grey. She admits that every green day she wears all green, and every grey day, she wears all gray. She does this so she doesn’t have to think twice when someone asks her what day it is. Although, she loves her coordinated outfits her daughters think she has a surplus of green and grey attire. Her favorite clothing piece is a Hawaiin staple called a MuuMuu, she is currently looking for a green or grey one, so stay on the lookout for that! Mrs. Keipp exudes confidence in her outfits and makes it her goal to be comfortable and confident. Mrs. Keipp also admits her love for athleisure and says if she could wear a sweatsuit every day she would.

These fashionable teachers and our lovely principle set examples for the pupils at this school as they exhibit their unique styles. They show how you can brighten up a room or exert confidence by wearing certain clothing pieces. Fashion can allow you to show your individual personality and like us, teens continue to explore our identity we can look up to our teachers and staff for fashion inspiration.

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